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Thread: Stolen iPhones.

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    Default Stolen iPhones.

    Hey guys been a while since I posted, I have a question for you. Please also try to understand me here, judge me if you will just do not yell at me :3.

    I bought an iPhone tuesday night which I knew was icloud locked. I knew icloud locked means usually stolen but i took my chances with this phone. so i got the iphone from this guy, went home and tested around with it. thats when i saw the message "this phone is stolen, please call 04 (something something)." this made my heart drop. I had just spent money on it and helped out a crook.
    another long story short I got the money back, went to the police and handed the iPhone in so they cop could call the guy (WHICH by the way the cop is meant to call me back, I want the phone number of the owner so I can tell him how lucky he is that such a nice guy got his hands on it.)


    looking to buy another phone tonight (not wanting to fall into the icloud lock trap again) another 5s for 360. icloud locked.

    Now, say if you found 20 dollars in the middle of an oval with no one around. Would you keep it? or try to find its owner?

    This is my issue with this phone. ive been talking to the girl and shes proven with pictures this iphone is in fact icloud locked. Shes also shown that no one has left a message on the phone saying, "this phone is stolen, please call this number to return it to me."

    This is where it gets tricky. I would NEVER willingly keep stolen merchandise, and please don't get your back up about this question. I had my ipod stolen in 2008 from my school locker and it was the most upsetting thing in the world.

    please give me your input on this. Buy the phone? or not.


    ps. please be nice :3

    pps. I also willingly bought a locked phone because a team is working on an unlock (which know i feel like i dont support as much as 99% of locked phones are stolen, and the other 1% someone has sold there phone and decided to be mean and lock it)

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    Hey Clip

    Don't even bother with the iCloud locked phones. There is nothing you can do with it but have it as a paper weight.
    With it been iCloud locked and a 5s chances are that the camera takes a photo every time the screen is woken up and is waiting to upload the images to the phone owners iCloud account, Which will give the owner a clean photo of you and can use this to have you done for stolen goods.

    Any form of iPhone that is been offered for cheap will more than likely have some way to identify you.

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    yeah that used to be how it was but now theres a website thats shown they can unlock phones :3 been verified to not just a stupid scam, so i was going to use that i chose to buy it. it unlocks it and you can reset the icloud account

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    To be honest you are better off buying one that isn't locked. You really don't want to be charged with receiving stolen goods

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    could very well be a trick, You never know what tricks and games manufacture's are up to, to beat thieves.

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    Time to remind the OP of the first law of Economics: TANSTAAFL

    When something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    Buying an iphone from "some guy" is never going to be a legit transaction. There is no way that Apple and the service providers are going to let any revenue out of their tightly held little circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Time to remind the OP of the first law of Economics: TANSTAAFL

    When something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    Buying an iphone from "some guy" is never going to be a legit transaction. There is no way that Apple and the service providers are going to let any revenue out of their tightly held little circle.
    Add to that, every communications chipset, will have a unique IMEI number. You can flash the phone back to factory default or do anything you like with it, that IMEI number is always going to come up as a stolen device once reported.

    But: When service providers for any reason block phones this side of the pond, it is not only the sim card but also the IMEI number. It is for this reason that you will see phones being shipped abroad by criminal entities from where they have been stolen. Funny enough they are only blocked in the jurisdiction where they were stolen. This is to say a phone blocked in Ireland will still work in England, France or Spain unfortunatly.

    I'd suggest that it is only a fool who would allow such a stolen device under their own roof. For if the handcuffs ever came knocking with a warrant, one of the first things they will usually do as a matter of course is to run the serial numbers of electronic devices against the system. This action can often justify a search warrant for a search that otherwise might fail.

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    You're most likely buying the phone from a fence if you're getting an iCloud locked phone. Don't be part of the problem. Not to mention that if the phone is indeed stolen it doesn't legally belong to you even if you "buy" it, which might cause you problems down the line.

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    Ok... if it's locked it got locked for a reason not just for a plain joke usually.
    And yes it can be traced.

    You can obviously find work-arounds to most these scenarios-....
    I'm not saying you shouldn't do it - I simply don't see much virtue in it to be honest.
    You buy a phone that most likely is stolen, then stolen or not you will have to fiddle for hours with some unlock solution (that may or may not work).
    Best case you'll manage to break it "open" and have an iPhone 5s for 360$ (which is still 360$).
    Worst case you knowingly buy stolen goods and get photographed using it by the item itself... including geo-location, your SIM's reg., the phone's IMEI... etc.
    and you're out of 360$.

    The thing is this it's still 360$... you might just wait another month, save some bucks and buy the real deal ... without the potential problems.
    Why bother... it's an iPhone - it's not life-saving or that important.
    For 360$ you can btw. easily find used iPhone 5(not S usually, or even S), or buy a good Android phone NEW...
    For little more (like 450$ you can find brand new Samsung Galaxy S5mini phones) - official sales ... not some shady fence-deal.
    Including warranty etc...
    For approx. 520$ you can get a new iPhone 5C.
    Some places sell officially refurbished iPhone 5 for less than 350$.

    Why do you need a 5s whilst there are good alternatives for less or the previous model that is almost the same (but for the silly fingerprint reader and some other small changes)?
    Also why try to get something, you know that its going to come with problems when it's not something you truly need for life?
    Or what's wrong with saving some more $ to afford the real mccoy.?

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