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Thread: Lining up your diaper correctly

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    Default Lining up your diaper correctly

    anyone else have this problem? like sometimes when i try to put it on i get it almost perfect, other times padding part that for your butt is either a bit too high or off to the side an its uncomfortable to sit in. Also trying ot make sure that u tape the back to the front at the same height is also a challenge. Anybody got any tips for making lining up your diaper easier? o.o

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    Sometimes. When I put on my diaper while lying down, I almost always end up adjusting it a bit after getting up. Fortunately, with cloth diapers, adjustment is easy and comes without risk of tearing.

    Shortly after joining ADISC, I discovered that a number of people prefer to put their diaper on while standing. I tried it, and I do think it's easier to get a snug, even fit that way. Basically, you pin the diaper between your butt and a wall, much as you would between your butt and the floor. Then it's all normal stuff. The advantage, though, is that you can easily lean away from the wall at any time to make sure your diaper is centered on your butt, or to pull the back higher if the front is coming up too high. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot. I'd probably do it all the time, except that there are times when I'll put boosters pads and whatnot in my diapers, and those can be a little trickier to work with behind your own back.

    And then, of course, there's just knowing the particular diaper and how it fits you. Once you've fastened the same kind of diaper on yourself a bunch of times, I'd expect it to get easier and the results to get more consistent.

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    ah, im not consistant with it, sometimes i get it right sometimes i don't, i wanna try standing up,hope i don't mess it up some how tho xD.

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    It takes practice. I do mine lying down. With my handicaps I can't do standing. I first open up my diaper and smooth it out.
    Then when I lye down I make sure it's centered. After I do that I let the front back down and powder up and then I tape up.
    I find that I don't have to adjust hardly at all. That's what I do with my disposable diapers. I do basically the same with my
    cloth diapers. I open it up and lay in the booster and do the same procedure that I use for putting on my disposable.

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    One problem is, is that one side of our body is naturally larger than the other, so you can't always rely on the landing zones to get an accurate fit. Personally I go by feel, I tape up my larger side first, then I do the other matching the height of the tape on the other side. Works for me...

    Also, try taping from top to bottom first, or vice versa...

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    I read somewhere that you should tape the first tab with your non dominant hand, because your dominant hand will pull tighter, throwing off the centering. Sounded silly, but I've been doing it for a week, and it really helps. Like a Diaper Hack or something. Weird, but effective!

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    Standing is easier in my opinion.

    and practice... over the years I must have changed my diapers thousands of times... these days I can do it half asleep and still get a perfect fit...

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    I've found one way of taping to be far superior for me. Standing, against a wall. One lower tape, opposite side upper tape, remaining lower, last upper, middles if there are any. I've tried standing, sitting, laying with all orders of tapes. This has been by far the best and most consistent method for me across all diapers.

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    I can do it eithet way but prefer laying down. In the beginning it was hard to get it right but I got good at it over the years. Now my wife normally does it and it took her a while to get it right too, but now it's almost always perfect.

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    i htink my main problem is tryin to get the tapes in the right spot and tryin to get the front "wings" being level with the back and smoothed out. One problem i run into with my bellissimos is that its really hard to get the tapes in the right spot because they almost always end up on a just the right size that the tapes will only be snug if i tape them right on the crease of the diaper and it gets really annoying, if i was slightly thinner i could pull them a bit further x-x

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