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    Default Sissy waddle panties

    I just saw pictures of sissy waddle panties and wanted to see more. Only place I can find images is from ebay. Does anybody have any experience with them? Would it make a good non-wetting diaper replacement for sleeping? I'm curious about them and other peoples experiences and feelings. I LOVE the satin feeling between my legs and diapers.

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    The other one that's more interesting. It looks like it would be awkward with the family jewels. Anyone know if it would be uncomfortable? I'm still trying to find pictures of someone wearing these, even female.
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    Yeah, those look like they'd be pretty awkward to wear. It would be interesting to know what they're stuffed with.

    At a glance, there are a few places on eBay selling satin 'sissy' diaper covers, some with frills, etc. I suppose I'd be more inclined toward one of those. Then you get the satin/sissy thing, and you can use your diaper, too.

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    Technicaly those are diaper covers. That's what they are advertised as.

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    They come in the 'G' string model as pictured and also a full brief sort of like the inflatable diaper that was poster here awhile back.

    Log into Ebay for the the 'G'String model - primary seller on ebay:
    CUSTOM MADE WILL FIT ALL ADULT BLUE BABY WADDLE SUPER THICK DRESS UP DIAPER ( 350572287788 ) peppermintlady394 227899.6%
    Another seller from Hungary has a more full version:
    Adult Baby Dress & thick diaper spreading trouser Sleeping Body*Spreizbody ( 141338789451 ) pipineni 75598.9%

    In either case the soft almost spongy interior padding does no damage to the family jewels and in some cases causes a bit of excitement
    as you walk and the waddle effect sets in causing the padded lining to massage the contained area !

    Yes the main purpose of these Waddle diaper panties is to make you walk like a baby doing the "Baby Elephant walk/dance" !
    Oh those skirts; onesies or other skimpy gear make a delightful backfield in motion !
    Not difficult to squeeze the legs together but the padding bounces right back.
    Creates a significant budge that simply can not be ignored - my my what have we here ? What are you hiding ? Is that a PADDED diaper I see ?
    Best worn with a very short hem mini-skirt to really bring out the character of this Waddle diaper (not so much a diaper - but PADDED panty of sorts) !
    Watch the sizing on these you want the waist band to be tight to hold the waddle padded diaper in place yet have enough total rise in the crotch to
    create the bulge both front and back rising almost to the top of the front and back waist band.
    These are not designed for incontinent wearing but in most cases can be laundered carefully - satin with more care than other materials.

    Enough enough I am getting awfully excited and it is getting terribly troublesome to waddle over to the fridge for a bot-bot !

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    It would be nice to find something like this to wear as a diaper alternative but without messing or pee. Any suggestions? Or would this be it?

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    Here is what you can do - - -

    Simply - - -

    Wear your diapers and moisture proof plastic panties underneath the waddle panties.
    Now you will be protected and also will as a side effect build up the padding of the
    waddle panties.
    Your waddle panties will be on display for everyone including yourself to enjoy without
    any danger of damaging them (especially if they are the satin type).

    Imagine trying to stroll about in your pretty perfect oversized bulky fancies and when
    you sit down all that bulk going on full display pushing your skirt or dress up revealing
    all that prettiness you were so trying to hide !
    My my I see London and I see France but more than ever do I see something outstanding !!!

    I do like the stuff that pipineni has over peppermintlady - but then there is the difference in
    styles and of course the prices-shipping and handling.
    Pipineni has some items that would make the waddle panty a lark - look at the spreading pants !
    Peppermintlady has some really nice designs with lots of frilly detail making quite an impression
    on what is exposed under a skirt.

    So go ahead I dare you to show off those bulky pretties and you covered underneath with not
    a care because you have your own personal porta potty to take care of matters.

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    I wants some I like thick diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilcc57 View Post
    I wants some I like thick diapers
    Of course you can double and triple up diapers in layers - but what is the ulterior motive you
    are trying to achieve ?
    Do you just want to wear for long term in the confines of your abode ?
    Are you planning on wearing a waterproof diaper cover over the whole she bang ?
    Are you taking this one step further wearing tight/loose fitting clothing over this arrangement ?
    Regarding clothing are you planning on wearing revealing clothing like a short skirt or a onesie
    or maybe a shortall with snap fasteners in the crotch ?
    Planning on going out on the town ?
    If staying home are you simply experimenting in seeing how much fluid your diaper arrangement
    can hold ?
    Do you really like to do the baby elephant dance/walk waddling along with a fully loaded diaper ?
    What are your plans to double; triple or more diapers ?
    Planning on having absorbent pads in the mix to achieve more bulk and awkward waddle ?

    Of course now ABabies wearing diapers may not be able to communicate too well how they feel
    about these things which makes forums very interesting !

    Bababa Googa-googa - do these bulky diapers make me look fat ? Now ain't that cute !

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