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    After reading others stories about home made diapers, I took the plunge and decided to experiment myself.

    Last weekend I had the house to myself on Saturday morning. My wife was at work, and the kids were all out at various sleep overs, and I knew that I had a rare few hours of alone time. I decided to use this wisely for some "little me" regression playtime.

    I've never been any good at folding or pinning cloth nappies before, so I looked for a viable alternative. I've also never worn a cloth nappy in my life. As a child, my bed wetting issues were handled with terry cloth training pants and plastic panties, or disposables, and I've always been keen to try cloth.

    After some trial and error, I came up with a solution that seemed to work fine.

    I folded a small bath towel longways, and laid it inside a pair of my briefs. The padded feeling was nice, but the towel stuck out a bit. To cover this, I put on a pair of my wife's full cut "granny style" panties (white) over the top. This made it look like a big puffy white nappy! Awesome!

    I then took a small garbage bag which was an opaque pink colour, and stepped into it, gently forcing my feet through the bottom corners. I pulled this up, folded the top over, and tucked it in all around and over the waistband and up and under the leg openings.

    The result actually looked amazing. It really did look like a bulky nappy covered with plastic panties. It felt bulkier between the legs than a disposable, but I think the real ones are anyway.

    Now I hear a lot of people say that they love the crinkly sound. Well let me tell you, I doubt that there is a much louder crinkle sound than what a pair of plastic bag panties makes!

    I put my footed onesie on, made a coffee, grabbed my phone, and went outside to our secluded back patio. It was raining, and the sound of running water heightened my need to release my morning wee.

    And I did. Slowly.

    It really felt incredible. It got very warm and squishy, and stayed warm for quite a while to.

    I ended up having 2 cups of coffee, and relieved myself slowly in small amounts multiple times over the next hour and a half. Before I went inside, I decided to stop with the gentle release and just completely let go, which I did.

    It held up extremely well too. By the time I went inside for a shower, it had leaked only very slightly around one leg opening giving me a wet bum on my onesie, and dripping of the chair a little bit.

    The clean up was brilliant as well. No discriminating evidence to hide. Towel and clothes straight into the washing machine, ripped plastic bag into the trash, nothing else to try and dispose of discreetly.

    I'll certainly be trying this again. I just can't believe it took so long to try it out for the first time!

    What methods do others use?

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    If you're into cloth, this works. I think most have at one point or another tried the TP/Paper towel and trash bag makeshift. Flannel is also quite good in comparison to terry in some respects.

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