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Thread: Hoe much bigger are Abena Larges over Mediums?

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    Default Hoe much bigger are Abena Larges over Mediums?

    Specifically the Abri-Wing, as they fit on the smaller side (abeit comfortably). The sizing for larges starts from 35" to 44", and I'm just at 35" as far as my waist size goes. It's a lotta cost to get a sample pack as well, so I'd like to get some info first before I buy a pack of either.

    Just looking for info. Apologies for syntax and grammatica mistakes, I'm on mobile.

    Edit:Wow, I was sure I had the title down. Oops.

    inb4 diaper recommendations that I'm not asking for

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    I don't know about the abri-wing, so take this for what it's worth but I have used both the large and medium in the regular x-plus. My hips and thighs are around 41 to 42 and waist is 37. I personally like the snugger fitting mediums, but the large size is fairly comfortable as well. When I want to double stuff my diapers I'll go with the large (or just have more tape room). When I want discrete I'll stick with the mediums. I personally don't think there's a huge difference between the two sizes like there is with other brands. And Abena is the only large diaper that I've been comfortable in. I can't say the same for the large size in other brands.

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