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    hi I am new in this page sissys girls I often wonder what it would be like to wear girls underwear but I never can get the sizing right one time I chose a pair of Bikini Boy Short Panties they were small because I have something in the way how do I find my size and I often found myself wanting to wear a fluffy dress I don't know why I am attracted to girls and boys so I guess both sides keep fighting to see who wins ughh so stressful

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    As I see it, there are three basic problems with getting the correct women's sizes for men. First, there isn't a direct correlation between men's sizes and women's. Second, the male and female anatomy is not the same and finally, women's sizes are not consistent between manufactures.

    What does this mean?

    First, go to one of the on-line stores (,, or any other) and look at the sizing charts to come up with an approximate size(s) that you think will work. For panties and pants, take into consideration your hip size as that is more important than your waist size.

    Then go to a store (or online) that is having a sale or selling some underwear cheap and buy one or more in a size you think will work. In some stores, you can try them on, but if not or you are too embarrassed to try, try them on at home. Most stores will allow for returns.

    Basically, it is trial and error. Good Luck!

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