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Thread: ab/dl favorite items/things to do

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    Default ab/dl favorite items/things to do

    Not sure if anything similar has been posted but here it goes anyway currently padded with plastic pants and wearing my blue onesie sucking on my paci one thing that I could really go for is a bottle of strawberry milk (have one on order awaiting a mickey mouse bottle).

    So my question is are there any particular items you have/order and waiting for or would like to get that adds to your regression/time diapered? or just your favorite thing you like to have with you or something you really like doing while regressed/diapered.

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    I love playing out in the garden whilst wearing either adult Diapers or the larger sized baby Diapers and a t-shirt, I'm not sure why, but I think it's something to do with the freedom and being out in the fresh air whilst Diapered. I have a pacifier as well, but I only really use it if I'm feeling genuinely upset, which is kinda funny I guess.

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    Teddy .... Nuf said ...

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    Ok well all them other baby stuff too I guess.

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    I like to have a couple of favorite toy cars, as well as a sippy filled with yummy strawberry milk, handy as I bliss out playing on the floor.

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    A good paci, some padding, and my baby blanket do wonders for regression.

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    Paci stuffies baby toys

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    I've really been taking a liking to my recent midnight bottle sessions. I really like laying on my bed, keeping my bottle in my teeth with both my hands free to send text messages, reach for the T.V. remote, and what not. I love my bottle.

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    I love to just lay on my bed with my plushys and my blankie with my paci in and I'm diapered up. Usually burrowed under my normal blankets peaking out watching cartoons

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    I like to pretend I am laying on my daddy's lap while having a bottle while he's stroking my head... I feel amazingly good when I envision that...
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