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    Hello everyone! I'm new to diapers, and so far have only purchased a pack of depends. I'm ready to buy something better. I'll just be wearing occasionally, and I'm a DL not really an AB so appearance really is not important. I'm looking for really thick, very crinkly sound and a wide crotch area, something that will make me waddle when I walk. I look forward to cheating with everyone.

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    If you got the Cash money the Abena M4s are the best diaper around for Premium pricing. Abena Abri-Form M4 Fitted Brief, Medium, 14 Count: Health & Personal Care

    26 dollars for a pack of 14 diapers.

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    Aside that I'd like you not to be cheating with me I can recommend these products:
    (it would have been "Chatting").

    Tena Slip maxi
    Attends Slip Regular 10
    Abena M4
    Molicare super Plus

    those are the ones I've used for night time purposes.

    The Tena Slip Maxi and the Attends Slip Regular 10 are the most discrete of them though... with the attends being even thinner and more discrete (for a night-time grade diaper) than the Tena.
    Personally I HATE Bulky diapers that would make me waddle...
    But if you like that you'll enjoy the Abena or the Molicare Super Plus.
    Both are pretty thick (and a reason I don't use them).

    If thickness is the only factor of importance - go for booster pads (the NON-backed - models...)..
    whilst I personally have found them to be not that useful as they also increase the chance for leaks around the leg-gathers far more than they improve the capacity, they do add bulk (another reason why I dislike boosters).
    Boosters could in that case be a cheap option to "improve" your depends. just as an idea.

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    Thanks padded. I've been looking at those. Since I only wear once a month or so I can afford to splurge. Have you actually worn the M4

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    Thanks for the info EPo1. I'm typing on an I phone so I'll blame auto correct on my poor word choice LOL. I have not thought about a booster but I'll keep that in mind.

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    Poor old iPhone...

    But honestly iPhone or android... the damn auto-correction is an absolute love-hate-affair for myself...
    Practical in a lot of cases, and stupid, unreliable, funny or really NOT FUNNY at other times.

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    I agree Abena Abri Form X-Plus is the best choice for you also a choice would be Dry 24-7's as well you can buy them from XP Medical at

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpluswearer View Post
    I agree Abena Abri Form X-Plus is the best choice for you also a choice would be Dry 24-7's as well you can buy them from XP Medical at
    This is spot on. I have worn just about every diaper, and the X-Plus with plastic back and the Dry 24-7's are two great choices. Plus the xpmedical team is fast and discrete. You will enjoy both of these.

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