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Thread: Adjusting to my newfound self

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    Smile Adjusting to my newfound self

    Hello all :3,
    I am new to being furry, I have always had an interest in being diapered and hope to meet some new people who share the same interests as myself :3 .

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    Welcome to the forums, I personally do not know much about being furry but enjoyed the time I get to be in a diaper. There are a lot of ppl on here that can give you lots of advice as im still new to being ab/dl and still finding my feet on here as well. Do you mind sharing some of your other interests outside of being furry/diapered?

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    I watch lots of anime, play minecraft and pokemon. My outside life I work as a farm hand, learn karate, ski and practice kendo. I don't often wear diapers and I only express my furry side to people I know well but only in a casual way (not telling them but acting different {hard to explain}). I should figure out some further study but I am unsure what I want to do with myself.
    I feel that there are many sides to myself I am still yet to understand :3
    I am straight and accept everyone for who they are by trying to understand their feelings

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    Cool yeah I love pokemon have not played much or watched much of the new stuff tho I do miss it and have recently got back into playing heart Gold. I would like to learn a form of martial arts have lent towards things like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but currently do not have the funds to attempt it/also a bit of confidence issue with going to gyms and new places etc did/do you enjoy karate and kendo? and how long have u been learning for?. It does take time to figure out what to do even tho I have completed an apprenticeship I am still unsure what id like to do for the rest of my life, hope you work something out and don't really have to rush into anything atm just make sure that whatever you decide that it is something that you are passionate about.

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    Hi! I'm also a furry and like diapers. I like pokemon too.

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