Hello, everybody.

We all know this, we're different, we're all special. Some of us are special in different ways. But there is just one truth: we're all beautiful.

Anyway, there is this book. It's a teenage drama short novella with a Bipolar boy, a Teen Baby and a girl who lives a lie. Here's a small press release:

Small release (to the public):
Hello everybody, I'm releasing this small novella I wrote during the course of four days. It was a tremendous work, because I had never written a "coming-of-age" story, or a teen drama. It was also a great work because I had never written so much valuable stuff in so little time. I want to invite you to read "Of Deviant Hearts: A Novella". It is a story about three teenagers who live the ups and downs of teenage life in high school. I wrote it as stuck to reality as I could. If you want a copy, contact me and I'll get you one for just 3 dollars. It will also be released in Kindle for less than 2 dollars. The price doesn't matter, because I never write for money, and this one specially. I wrote it for myself, and to you. Hope you enjoy it. Love, Enrique Betancourt

Of Deviant Hearts: A Novella

I'm a filmmaker also, so we're aiming to turn this into a short film, or maybe even 3. Thought I would share it with you.

If this is in the wrong forum, please mods change it or delete it if it's against the rules. I'm just sharing this with you. I thought you'd like to know there are more worthy stories out there.