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    I got shocked by my ipad charger,what should I do I'm freaking out.

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    Are there any burn marks where you got zapped? Is your pulse irregular?

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    No burn marks,hurts a little,pulse is normal for bring freaked out.

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    I'm not a doctor, and im only a nursing student, but I think you'll be ok. If you're from the usa and have insurance make an appt. To see a doc. Just as a precaution... specially if youve got other medical conditions.
    If pain persists or any other health changes occur seek further medical advice.
    And check to see whether the outlet was the prob or the charger cable.... and get it fixed (outlet) or throw away (ipad cable)!

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    I'm okay,i was just nervous, I accidentally touched the silver prongs.theres no more pain,i Can breath just fine, I just need to calm down.

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