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    which one do u guys prefer drynites goodnites or underjams

    for me i like underjams

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    I liked GN's but figured I would try underjams but I don't really like the underjams. They fall apart wayyy too easily. So i'm going back to goodnites. Plus I have a coupon for $2 off on gn's.

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    I like Goodnites, when I'm in that kind of mood. I think they hold more. They do hold together for me.

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    drynites = goodnites (apart from a delay with product updates). Never tried underjams so can't comment on them.

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    Goodnites, probably. I have bought so many packs of goodnites in my life, I should invest in it.
    However underjams weren't so bad... but not that remarkable either. I've only bought one pack, all the way back in April and used a few others given to me by friends. I probably wouldn't buy them again unless it was a really good sale.

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    I have bought both and noticed that the Underjams have a softer feel to them and the are quieter but it is true that they tend to fall apart somewhat easily due the fabric like stretchy part. Underjams do hold a lot. Goodnites are better for bigger people that want that baby feel. The elastic for the waistband is made out of plastic and has a lot of stretch in them; very hard to rip. All in all, I like both, but if i had the choice, Goodnites FTW.

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    I have used the goodnites for over 15 years and i am very happy with them I did not like the underjams they did not have a high enough back on them for me by the time i woke up the next morning i had over ran the top of them with just the first time i peed in them i am a bed wetter not by chose and it never fells if i stay dry during the nigh i cant make it to the bathroom in the morning

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    Underjams are ok, but I like goodnights better because they hold up so much better.

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