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Thread: Printed diapers in Europe

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    Default Printed diapers in Europe

    This has probably been discussed a hundred billion gazillion times, so I apologise...

    That's the last of my Tena slips out the window (not literally, of course! What a waste that would be) but am tired of... what I would call a clinical look to these diapers.

    I really want 'cute' diapers for lack of a better description, with prints - much like the Cuddlz stuff. And the reason I say "much like" is that I'm not overly fussed at 40 of them for 1.25 a throw. Just doesn't seem worth it for 40 diapers that are disposable.

    I can't say I know the market super well, so any alternative/cheaper suggestions would be grand... if there are any!


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    Save Express sells a replica of the old Fabine diapers for way cheaper than the original product.

    MyDiaper comfort Windel Gr.M ,weiss-bunt, 11er Packung | MyDiaper + Laiyipian | Windeln+Pants -diapers | Inkontinenz Einweg | Save Express GmbH

    From what I've heard, they don't perform nearly as good as the originals (they have less padding too according to the pictures), but they look practically the same, and they're cheaper (9.99 € for a pack of 11). So if you're going for the cute look and don't have to spend the day out in them using them, I guess they could be a viable alternative!

    All the other ABDL diapers from US would cost you a fortune in shipment and import tax, apart from being pretty expensive to start with.

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    I love how these look I'm gonna have to order sum

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