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    is there anybody here thats really into freshwater fishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by schoolboy21 View Post
    is there anybody here thats really into freshwater fishing
    I like it, but it's been years since I've gone*. I'm a shoreline angler; no wading around in the lake for me!

    There are few things in life that make me happier than throwing a freshly-caught fish into the pan and searing it then and there. There's something so simple and earthy about it that is attractive to me - like golf, when I am fishing, that is all I'm thinking about. Never mind the fact that I don't catch anything.

    *I last went in Wet Beaver Creek in Arizona. A couple friends and I hiked about 5 miles in and set up camp for the day. We didn't catch anything, but snacked on beef jerky and enjoyed the scenery.

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    me, i used to fish every day, but i no longer live by a lake, however i am building a new boat to fish from. what is your favorite fish to catch, mine is chain pickerel, as they put up a really good fight, and are absolutely delectable to eat

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    During the summer I usually go fishing a fair bit at a near by lake with my family. When we go fishing we mostly catch pickerel and the odd jack fish. We only ever keep the pickerel though, don't much care for the taste of jack.

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    I love fishing. I live on a lake so all I have to do is go out back and fish. Mostly pan-fish like perch, sunny's and crappies, but they're still fun. The ice is finally thick enough to go out on so I'll be doing some ice fishing soon.

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    Our family has a place beyond Parry Sound, Canada, and I have caught a lot of fish there. I like pickerel the most to eat, but I love catching pike, and then bass. One time I went out on Lake Harris with my father in law. It was dusk and I was plugging along the lilly pads. Suddenly a big bass hit it and danced and fish tailed. I felt like I was the front cover for Sports Illustrated magazine. It was so incredibly exciting. My father in law is no long living, but I'll bet he's somewhere fishing and having a day like we shared. He was the best.

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    Have a catfish/bass/brim pond i fish at and I sometime fish salt water.

    I love near a river.

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    Used to. My family owns a log cabin in the middle of a provincial park. We were granted special permission to build there, so, essentialy, it's the only building for miles.

    And it's smack dab on the most beautiful lake I've ever seen. Hiking there's a bitch though and takes all day. I used to go up 2-3 times a year when I was a kid. I havn't been up there for a long time though. I'd love to get up there with just a few friends of mine and chill for the weekend.

    Great fishing spot, and that's pretty much the only thing you can do all day.

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    At least once a month; trout, bass, crappie, cats or whatever is biting

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    Quote Originally Posted by schoolboy21 View Post
    is there anybody here thats really into freshwater fishing
    is that a statement
    is that a question
    when it's underwater does it get wet
    or does the water get it instead
    nobody knows
    indeterminate clause man

    I used to fish fairly frequently but only caught like one fish to speak of. The rest were bluegills and that noobish stuff. It's all about getting out of the house and drinking lots of good stuff while the weather is great!

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