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    My wife knows im abdl and she is fine with it... she participates with me. She has even worn on several occations.... even when we are not doing anything sexual she changes me and I love that!... I know she does not have a problem with me peeing in my diapers I wonder if she will have a problem if I messed a diaper for her to change... that's a whole different ball game... should I go ahead and mess and see what happens or not and enjoy what I have?

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    Pardon the pun, but I wouldn't 'mess' with something as awesome as what you currently have. By all means ask if you honestly think she'd be ok with it, but this is quite a step may end up loosing more than you expect.

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    Does she have to know? Just make sure you can dispose of the evidence. But if you're thinking of messing in front of her, and/or asking her to change you afterwards, then you'd better talk about it first.

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    I'm a caretaker, which I very much enjoy, for my husband, but my two boundaries, which were discussed before hand are: no poop, no 24/7. If I got surprise poop, I'd be pretty irritated and it would be game over for a while. Please talk about it before hand, it will benefit both of you.

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    I agree with others ask first me i would never ask because i only wear mine for bed wetting and would not mess did it not my thing

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    I cant even get my wife to touch my diaper let alone wear one and wet one with me or even consider changing me. Dont mess with such a great thing you have. You cant have your cake and eat it too

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    Mention it casually, see what her reaction is. Then you can decide whether to put it forward as a serious suggestion. I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction more than once.

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    Thank you everybody I think ill ask.. if she ain't cool with it im still ahead of the game with what I got..

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