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Thread: which is a better diaper?

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    Default which is a better diaper?

    Bambino belissimo or the dry 24/7 diapers from xp medical... appreciate the feedback because im trying to order a case today...

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    I've only tried the bambinos,
    And I highly recommend them. Great fit, absorbency, and they're super cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babybobby View Post
    I've only tried the bambinos,
    And I highly recommend them. Great fit, absorbency, and they're super cute!
    Ive tried the bambinos and I love them too... just wondering if any1 has tried both

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    I'd suggest ordering a sample before diving into a whole case, and stick with Bambinos in the meantime if your stock is low.

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    Yeah I would but they don't do samples of that diaper for some reason...

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    I have tried both and would say the Bambino Bellissimo is a better diaper. Keep in mind Bambino's run on the small side and Dry's run on the larger side, I wear size medium in most brands (Abena, Tena, etc.). I tried a med./lrg. sample of Bellissimos: the large seemed sized like a medium and I could not fit into the medium at all (although I have lost a few pounds since then so would like to try a medium again). The only problem I had with the Bellissimo was the inside lining splitting open in the back, but I believe they have fixed this issue. More recently (as soon as they came back) I ordered a small/medium sample of the Dry's (again I have lost weight since the Bambino samples) and the small fit perfect like a medium, I have not tried the medium yet, need time for a full test! Problems I had with the Dry diaper: tapes kept popping off, the padding is really stiff and the diaper leaked out the top. Short story: I put it on, wet once, went to bed, woke up and slowly wet it laying on my tummy, my bed was soaked from pee running out the top of the diaper. Any other "top shelf" diaper can handle this no problem!

    Bellossimo vs. Dry 24/7

    Tapes: Bellissimo
    Comfort: Bellissimo
    Looks: Bellissimo
    Absorbsoin: Bellissimo

    I really wanted to Love the Dry's and will try them again, but Bambino's are hard to beat (except for sizing).

    - - - Updated - - -

    If you are ordering from XP anyway, try a pack of the Absorbency Plus level 4. I bought a pack with my 2 case Tena slip order. I was in a hurry and accidently clicked on the large pack instead of the medium pack (d'oh!). The larges are huge on me (I need mediums) but I have learned a few things about them. The outer plastic is smooth and soft, the padding feels amazing, the tapes stay where you put them and the diaper absorbs really well. Give them a try and you may find yourself with a new favorite or atleast a really nice back up diaper.

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