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Thread: This just happened to me an hour ago...true story, what would you have done?

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    Default This just happened to me an hour ago...true story, what would you have done?

    Im going to the coach station in london wearing a tena slip super and a slip maxi small on top, with a thin pair of craghoppers on top. Its like 27 degrees Celsius ,a hot day for busy central london, im sweating bad walking fast. Not far to go. Im near som e real fancy little shops. Id never be able to afford anything from any of these shops. And there outside a fancy cloths shop 500 just strewn in fresh nottes on the ground. My heart goes I pick a wodge up there real. I start calmly picking all the notes another woman grabs afew and goes to hand them to me thinking there mine. "Keep em if you need em" I say. "Ive got a baby and shit I could really use this. I wait for what seems like for ever to see if anyone comes to claim it. The woman , respectable looking says take it. The bus is only ten minuits till leaveing. I run off hollaring doing mid aor heel kicks. I get to the bus stop in time but I miss it cos my head was in such a spin It went with out me.
    I can start my movie business now.

    Would you have done the same?

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    Please hand this in to the police , this is stealing , if no one comes forward you may be given it back , also someone may offer an award for it , no one just drops 500 and not know about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deano13 View Post
    Please hand this in to the police , this is stealing , if no one comes forward you may be given it back , also someone may offer an award for it , no one just drops 500 and not know about it.
    yeah.. sure... hand it to the police... I'll be in london by next week and I'll put a claim to it.

    Seriously? hand it to the police?

    Honestly, if I'd find a wallet with ID and stuff... I wouldn't keep it... if I find something personal etc.. same goes... I'll give it up.
    But if someone is not taking care of his cash... he or she, no matter in what position / situation they're in, they don't deserve to have it.
    And I keep it.

    If tomorrow I stumble across 100 or 35k in cash... I would keep it, and honestly, I would not have a single sleepless night over it.

    I've lost a note before too... happened once, I was bloody careless and thus rid of 200€ - shame on ME.
    And I hope whoever found it had a jolly good time with the 200€.

    Drop money, gold or silver and don't pay attention, and in my book you've forfeited your rights to it.

    IF someone's that careless, they either have a stuffed bank account and don't care enough or they're careless and the lesson will teach them to be more careful.

    Fair game.

    So deano13- sure, if you find my 200€*give them to the police... and I'll write you a thank-you note.

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    That might be true but just because someone isn't taking care of it doesn't give you the right to take it , and if you were to claim you would have to prove its yours , sorry you dont agree with me but i work in retail and cannot stand thieves , who gives you a right to take what doesn't belong to you ?

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    Wallet with ID, turn to the police. Cash strewn on the ground? Pocket. Things work differently in the streets. Enjoy your find!

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    I'm rather shocked by the people saying keep it. It's not your money, you didn't earn it and you have ZERO right to take it. It's stealing no matter how you look at it.

    Think of it this way, what if that money belongs to someone fallen on hard times and now they can't afford rent or food. Just because it was in front of an expensive store does not mean it belongs to a rich person.

    Faith in humanity is dwindling.....

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    How is keeping something with no identified owner stealing?

    Keeping money found lying in the street and taking something from a store are two totally different things; despite your insistence that they are the same.

    A person stealing something from a store knows that the store owns the item. If a person finds loose cash on the street, they know it belongs to someone, but who?

    In that case, I see nothing wrong with taking a look around to see if someone is looking for it. Then, if nothing is amiss, I'd pocket it. I'd feel a little sorry for the person who'd dropped it but, they were careless. I've dropped money that I've never gotten back. I don't consider the person who found it a thief, I call myself careless.

    I have no loss in my faith in humanity.

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    The appropriate thing to do is turn it into the police. I am not sure of UK law but in the USA in 30 days it is yours if not claimed. If it is then there was a reason, if not it is yours free and clear. Whether you have it know, not knowing for sure, or in 30 days it will still spend the same, but with no doubts.

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