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Thread: Straight Razor (Kamisori)

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    Default Straight Razor (Kamisori)

    I'm going to be buying a straight razor to cut my hair.

    I'd like some advice. I've done it before, but it's been a while.


    Anyone have any good scene hairstyles I can use?

    For shorter hair... The front barely meets my shoulders.

    And does anyone know how much straight razors and thinning scissors cost?

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    Thinning scissors are pretty cheap...You can get them pretty much any store too really...Like Wal-Mart or something...They are maybe $5 or so...I'm not too sure what a straight razor is :3
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    I'd make an emo joke right about now. But I just ruined it.

    Just look them up. I hear chickhawks are cool.

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