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Thread: what do you think about DL

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    Default what do you think about DL

    hello i am just wondering is it insulting to you people that have to wear diapers that people that really don't have to beacuse me i had a 21 year run of wetting the bed and occasionally durning the day that ended somtime ago but i had not stoped wearing to bed for two reasons one i love diapers i guess beacuse of wearing them my whole life

    I guess my question is do you think it's insulting the people that don't have to wear diapers like me

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    Are you asking if I find DLs offensive? I think that's what the question is. Well, no. I wear because I have to, but if people choose to then who am I to be insulted by that? I used to go out with a guy who was a DL, and thought it was great - if anything, he had at least an idea of what it's like to need them and that helped our relationship a lot. Of course, some people take it too far - all this public humiliation stuff is a little odd - but to each their own!

    You said that you used to be diapered because of medical reasons, and presumably you knew of DL stuff then - what did you think of them?

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    yes thats what i ment

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    I suppose by extension to this argument, fish would be within their right to be pissed-off by scuba-divers, after all the aquatic territories are their domain not ours.

    Seriously, it is down to time and place, if recreational diaper wearers don't foist their diaper usage upon others - what right have others to be outraged?

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    I'm not quite sure what there is to be offended about... Aside from those who wish to become incontinent; that I can understand.

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    I would think that if there were incontinent people that were grossed out or offended by fetishists that they wouldn't be found on this forum that seems to be populated mostly by just such folks.

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    There is nothing to be offended about for a person's choice of undergarments. It is the lack of tolerance that offends me. As long as someone doesn't point out that a person is padded or attempts to ridicule them I say what happens is what happens. It is when a person becomes a bigot and rude that I speak up.

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    They can do whatever they want to. It's a free world. And basically DL/AB's help maintain a big market for adult diapers, which benefits us all who have to wear out of need. So no worries.
    I just don't want a person sticking their dirty / wet diaper up in my face, and I don't enjoy watching pictures of people in diapers, not even my self (Not that I have any pics anyway) As it has been mentioned, diapers are just another type of underwear and more absorbent too.

    PS. the fish argument was awsome....I have to remember that one LOL

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    I couldn't care less. I like quirky anyways

    Do whatever you want. I'll treat you the same as anybody else I meet. At least we have something common to talk about, as long as that's not all we talk about.

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