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    Hello everyone .

    First real post on a forum; so here goes! I'm a 22 year-old Little / ABDL from The UK and currently studying at university.
    I'm here to make new friends, seek advice and generally have fun . I'm kind of shy but I will attempt to be an active member of the community here.

    I'm an avid reader and gamer, and I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. I'm a fan of cute things and the colour purple . (Plushies and MLP spring to mind).

    So yeah, Hey! .

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    Hi Verdant! Nice to see another UK resident - I see you're also in Manchester!

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    Hello Are UK residents rare?

    Yes, I am. Decent weather we're having ;P

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    Hello and welcome! We actually have a fair share of members here who live in the UK. I'm not one of them, but still

    I also like to read a lot and and enjoy My Little Pony as well, and I own a number of plushies.

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    Thank you for the kind welcome guys .

    I didn't know that the ABDL community as a whole was as large as it is until a few years ago! Nice to know I'm not the only one, haha.

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    welcome from another UK resident. I certainly a shared your surprise about the size of the community when I came across the website. I have to admit that I thought I was the only one or at least very rare for a very long time. It was quite lonely.

    You will find that the people on here are very helpful, kind and tolerant. I see that you are a gamer, not an interest I share however there are plenty here who do. You might check out some of the specialist groups, I am sure that you will find one or two that are suitable for you.

    I look forward to your contribution,


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    Thanks for saying hi finding the community has been great! A few years ago I didn't know what a 'little' was; all I knew is that I liked ... 'unconventional childish behaviors', if I was asked to describe myself haha.

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    Well, fair to say that you are quite 'conventional' around here!

    I find that quite nice being a DL (with a bit of LG/Sissy thrown in to spice things up!)

    BTW - Nice Avatar!


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    Haha thank you!
    Is a DL Someone who gets sexual gratification from nappies/diapers? As I don't really get that from it (also am I allowed to discuss sexual topics? Just asking before I find out the hard way). Im not sure what a sissy is - youll have to forgive me I sound so inexperienced! Apologies!

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    The rule to watch out for is PG-13. So long as the discussion is not gratuitous and more matter-of-fact/informative it is okay. In fact it is occasionally important that we do discuss such issues because many people who join the forum are unsure of themselves and really do need to know that what they feel is not abnormal. We are just careful about how we do it.

    Put simply, a DL is just someone who loves diapers but does not necessarily need them (An IC can also be a DL). Not everyone who wears them gets sexual gratification from them but many do although not all the time. Usually, I just wear when i want to and well, I'll also get some gratification if I want to, but not all of the time...

    So I will assume for now the you get the LG bit. A Sissy generally enjoys the dressing up under the control of another. Now, you will see people say that they have different aspects of the personality. Sometimes they exclusively switch roles in which case they are almost exclusively one or the other at a particular time. Others, have a dominant personality. In my case, I am probably 85 to 90% DL with the remainder being made up by LG and then a little sprinkling of Sissy just to spice things up a bit.

    So, you will gather very quickly we are all different but have commonalities. You will soon get the hang of it and feel free to ask because most people are quite happy to answer. If you have a good look around the forums has been quite a lot of discussion about the different "interests".


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