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Thread: On an average day in diapers........

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    Default On an average day in diapers........

    How many diapers/Nappies do you wear in 1 day?...... Just pee.... Im on my 3rd wet Nappy atm and its 7.24 pm here in the UK.

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    I like to stay in wet diapers and I will wear them until they start leaking when I stand up, but I will usually wear 2 diapers on days that I can wear which is usually on the weekends when I am away at college.

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    I go through probably an average of four during the day and then one at night.

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    When I'm wearing in extended fashion, it can be as low as one for day and one for night but three is more common.

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    If I wear all day, I usually do 2-3 for the day and one at night. I have not changed prior to bed a few times (because I like the feel of a wet diaper), but pretty much all my wet beds have been the result of an already wet diaper leaking when I woke up to wet it later in the night, so I'm leaning away from doing that.

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    I'm good for an average of 3 a day. Just changed into my first cloth and will change into a dry one before I go to bed.

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    I wear one a day from about 10pm-12pm

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    Usually I wear 4 during the day if i'm using size six luvs (best leak guards i've found for baby diapers btw) or two if I use the small tranquility atn's.

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