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    I searched for other topics on this, but didn't find much.

    For reasons I don't quite understand, I find myself more and more drawn to washable incontinence products. I'm pining for some pin-on cloth diapers and am seriously considering some training pants. I have a decent collection of both already, but want more. That led me to Specialty Underwear World and these. Anyone had any experience?

    All of their men's underwear products appear to be modified JC Penney undies, but these intrigue me because in addition to a few layers of cotton, they also have a waterproof layer. I'm really curious if anyone has ever tried them, or anything from this company.



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    So I'm going to guess that no one has tried these? What are the odds.


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    I can not speak for others - but whilst I have never heard of or tried the mentioned product I have had the "pleasure" of trying similar products in the past.
    Now mind you - I'm incontinent, thus wear for need - so my needs are probably very much different from yours.
    But to me these things are about as useful a beating a dead horse.
    Whilst "comfortable" and discrete, they don't work for anything but minimal dribbling - at least without adding a plastic pant,etc.
    Also especially for daytime use I simply get nothing positive out of reusable cloth products.
    More hassle, inconvenient, constantly feeling really wet, more leaks (as they don't bind the liquid with SAP - so when you squeeze them (sitting down) they'll just release it again...), far more smelly, nasty to carry wet soaked diapers in zip-locks bags around all day long because you can not simply just throw them away once used.

    Also the capacity of especially these type of products is LOW.
    Whilst I can get away for my needs with a thin pad like tena comfort plus or a thin diaper like Attends Slip regular M8 during the day with some changes... these "cloth" products like on the link are not holding a quarter as much as the thinnest pad usually - unless they're super bulky.

    But hey, if you don't "rely" on them and like the style or "rely" on them for mild IC type stuff - go for it.

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