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Thread: my friend is abdl friendly

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    Default my friend is abdl friendly

    well he wants to cub me out but idk what to do
    you guys have any ideas ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digicub View Post
    well he wants to cub me out but idk what to do
    you guys have any ideas ?
    There's a pretty wide variety. This topic floats around in some form or other a lot, and since your post is very short, you need to answer two questions before we can figure anything else out.

    1. Do you know what you're comfortable with? Stuff like being changed, humiliation, spanking, I have absolutely no idea what sorts of stuff you would be okay with or want to do.

    2. Do you know what he's comfortable with? Have you discussed what he's game for? There's a big difference between being up for a bit of hugging and reading you a story vs. various roleplay scenarios and diaper changes.

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    By ''cub me out'' I suppose you mean he wants to take part in baby activities with you, like as a playmate or a caregiver? Then it all depends on his, and your, comfort level. It would be best to have a discussion with him beforehand to figure out what you're both okay with doing. I'd start small, maybe he could give you a bottle and watch cartoons with you?

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    Same boat. Just having a talk about it can go a long way.

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    thanks you guys and turns out he wanted to be my playmate ^^

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