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    So I'm very new to this thing i am a dl male and have always been very embarrassed buying diapers. so one way that i came up with is actually going up to a person that works at the store and asking where the diapers are like if youre clueless about what and where they are. this way you seem completley unrelated to the diapers and it looks like you're running an errand :sweat drop: what do you guys think ? let me know your way of buying diapers

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    Laptop mouse internet connection pay pal parcel delivery

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    I like that idea better doing it online., unless you find someone that lives near by that knows of a store, and is willing to go for you. . I may have come across a situation like that I tell them what i would like they go and get it

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    oh i would love to order so nice bambinos or thick molicares but i live with my parents i would be much to nervous to order them online. they respect my privacy to an amazing degree and would just ask whats in the big unmarked box that came and i would be clueless on what to say lol

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    welcome to the site!

    With respect to buying diapers, in the UK we have things like MyByBox or Amazon Lockers. If you have anything like that in Florida, it is a great way to get round the whole privacy issue. Also, you then get access to the wonderful world of premium diapers available by the Internet…


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