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Thread: Windows / Mac / Linux

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    Default Windows / Mac / Linux

    Which system do you prefer to use and why?

    I prefer to use Windows (I have Windows 7) myself because I play some computer games and I've only managed to get them to work on Windows.

    I've tried to get them to play on Linux (using an app called Wine), but it was 'hit or miss', so I stick with Windows.

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    Mac / OS X
    ^this is my preferred OS / Computer...

    at work I use all three though.
    Mac for most of the stuff

    Linux on my company's server

    And windows on the CAD/CAM station (as unfortunately that piece of SW is only on Windows).
    (Win 8)

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    im a mac OS X user. I prefer it because i find there there is not another ecosystem that is as integrated as the mac one. If you are using windows you have to install so many different apps to be able to get the same functionality of being able to share things to the TV or audio to my sound system and even with these apps most of the time it is hit and miss. I find that mac works with my iPhone and apple tv, plus filesharing is something i don't even have to think very much about. The battery life on their laptop is one that is unmatched by any other product as well. So they are all pluses in my book.

    That being said i do still have a windows computer. I do like to do some gaming and there are some games which haven't yet ported to mac. They are slowly coming over but many aren't there yet. So i do use my windows computer but i tend to avoid it if i can using my mac if i have the option to.

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    Linux mostly.

    Gentoo would be my distro of choice. I've used it for over a decade now (got into it shortly after it came out... sometime around 2002 probably), and while I've used various other distros, I always find myself drawn back to it.

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    I <3 gentoo. Currently run app servers with Red Hat, storage and network services with gentoo, and fedora on desktop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by perlFerret View Post
    I love gentoo. Currently run app servers with Red Hat, storage and network services with gentoo, and fedora on desktop.
    can't less than 3 something here apparently.

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    My favourite OS by far is Arch Linux. It's really customisable, logical, and runs like the clappers! Perfect for old hardware, new machines and dedicated machines (e.g. print servers, file servers, etc.) -- basically any machine! It requires a bit of technical nous to get it all set up, but once it's working it's sooooo much easier to maintain.

    I can't believe how much tedious it is to update software in Windows -- you need to open every application, check for updates, sometimes browse to the new download on the web, check the antivirus, check your anti-malware apps... In Linux, you type one command and everything is updated with minimal fuss! And what the hell is with the Command Prompt in Windows?! Once you've used a Linux shell going back to the "MS-DOS emulator" in Windows is a painful experience!

    Windows can be annoying, but it just "works out of the box". It's quick and easy to set up, and you don't need to be a technical genius to fix stuff... (usually!). A lot of commercial software and games only work in Windows, so it's good for compatibility too. And a lot of people use it, so there's plenty of help available on forums if you have problems. There's only one PC game I play (Trackmania!), and for that I need Windows. I also got an old Slingbox Classic recently, and (to my annoyance) that doesn't work natively in Linux. I'll have a play with WINE if I can be bothered. But otherwise I prefer Linux.

    As far as usability and the "user experience" in general, Windows XP has to be the best OS to date. Compared to previous versions of Windows it was so stable, so logical and had a great UI. The only thing letting it down was its appalling security model (a backward-compatible hangover from the days of Windows being a graphical shell for single-user systems). Vista tried to fix the security problem by retro-fitting all kinds of shims and registry virtualisations to simulate good security... whilst making the whole model so complicated and ugly that it's slow, clunky, and leaves plenty of vulnerabilities to exploit.

    With the difficulties running badly-written XP code, and the advent of a mainstream 64-bit OS (requiring new drivers), it's a shame they missed the opportunity to create a new OS from the ground up with security as a principle concern (rather than an afterthought resulting in a million dirty hacks).

    Windows 7 was what Vista should have been all along. It works well (mostly), but it's just not as easy to tweak as XP was. Windows 8 I haven't really used -- I took one look, screamed "WTF?!" and burst into tears. I come over in a cold sweat just thinking about it. It was bad enough when Microsoft played tricks on us by releasing the "ribbon interface" in Office 2007. I went back to the (incredibly awesome) Office 2003 the same day. I recently installed Office 2013 for someone and had nightmares for a week when I stared too long at the UI. But Windows 8? Oh god... I might never be able to look at a PC again! What's going on?!

    Anyway, (maybe this is just me), Windows always seems a bit flaky with networking. I have CIFS network folders, a print server, and machines I connect to via Remote Desktop, and intermittently machines will "disappear" and reappear on the network. Or, I'll click on a remote folder and it will take ages of staring at the hourglass before it becomes accessible. Linux just seems far slicker with local network performance -- stuff just works... and quickly too!

    I haven't really used Mac OS either. I've tried a few times, but I just didn't like it. It seemed a bit like Linux for the uninitiated... complicated, less choice of software, but (unlike Linux) closed-source and not-as-hackable... But I don't really know...

    (Wow... that was one heck of a rambling waffle!)

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    Because OS flamewars are always fun...

    Reasons arch sucks!

    - pacman has the most ridiculously unintuitive flags. Want to install something? Obviously -S or --sync! Or -U (of course -u upgrades the whole system)! Want to sync up your package list, well that's of course -y (you'd think sync, but no, that's for installing remember.. y for sync, s for install.. no wait that's not right). Sometimes -y doesn't work for reasons, so you have to specify it twice (-yy), which means "yes, I really mean it" I guess. Also sync (-S) doesn't install if you are doing other things (like searching (-Ss) or syncing the package list (-Sy). Time for vodka!

    - Terrible handling of config files. If the defaults for some program change, and you haven't changed the config file yourself (as the old defaults were what you want), pacman will just overwrite the file (no changes, we're good!). Gentoo has a great system where it keeps track of config files that have been updated, and provides a tool to merge them together. Pacman might throw a warning in the spew of output, but usually the first time I realize there is a new config file is when something stops working.

    - All the inflexibility of a binary based package system while being less stable than gentoo! This is a feat. Gentoo is unstable because you compile everything with any number of options, which means pretty much everyones system is slightly different. Even still system breaking updates arn't that common. What's arch's excuse for being so damn.. breaky.. on updates!

    - /srv. Seriously why do we need yet _another_ filesystem convention. Also trying to make the web server an interchangeable bit by using httpd for directories/init scripts is really annoying.

    That is all (not all my complaints, just all for now) ;p

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    They keep adding directories to the root. They just added /run and symlinked /lib to /usr/lib and /bin to /usr/bin, making it a requirement to have /usr on the same filesystem as /. Not the way I used to build servers. :/

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