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Thread: Sorry, didn't mean to be creepy!

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    Hello everyone!
    I'm ab at.heart but my wife told me that if I wanted to live this life style that I had to leave. I sneak Sometimes though. It's really hard because we're always together. She is somewhat crippled so.she needs me to stay around often.
    I'm a retired security officer. I like to fish, garden and write fiction (nothing published).
    When I was a teen I used to use a sheet as a diaper. In a short time, though, it passed for.a long time. Then just suddenly, last year I woke up with the urge to use diapers, use binkies, drink from a bottle, crawl, and sleep in a crib. I felt relieved to.find.that.I am so much not alone, after searching the net. Thank God!
    I come here, reading the treads. It makes me feel connected, and a little more like an ab. If I have an opinion I'll share if the treads ain't closed.
    My computer is broke down and this tiny phone is heck on my large hands so I say, " Till next time babies, and dl.

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    Welcome to adisc. I had a similar problem when my wife retired on full disability. Suddenly she was home all the time and I lost my one day a week opportunity to wear diapers. I eventually told her about my infantalism and fortunately, she has been very accepting. Everyone is different.

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