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Thread: AMD Slip Max? (trying work out thickest diaper I can buy in Australia)

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    Default AMD Slip Max? (trying work out thickest diaper I can buy in Australia)

    Im in melbourne australia and am trying to find thickest/bulkiest diaper to buy . Have to buy at independence Australia because can't mail.

    Options are Abena M4, Molicare Super Plus and Tena Slip Maxi.

    However noticed another product AMD Slip Maxi. Does anyone know how thick/bulky this diaper is and weather it is plastic packed? Cannot find much info on it online.

    AMD SLIP MAXI MEDIUM - All In One - Disposable Pads, Pants, Liners - Incontinence Aids

    Otherwise what is the best diaper out of options at independence aus? Wouldn't mind plastic backed abena M4s either but don't think these sold anymore.

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    G'day, fellow Melbournian here! I recently took a trip to Independence Aus in Brunswick myself, you can read about it in my last thread.

    I bought the M3s, mainly due to the cost - the M3s worked out to something around $1.50/nappy, whereas the M4s were >$2/nappy. Some searching on here told me that the difference in capacity doesn't justify the difference in price.

    Unfortunately, we can't get plastic back M4s.

    Be aware that if you're using public transport to get there/back (Independence Aus is 3 min walk from Anstey station on the Upfield line, or 5 minutes from the Route 19 tram), you will be carrying very large and heavy packages! The M3s come in bags of 22, and boy is it a BIG bag. I didn't have any problem with it, but I was travelling outside of peak - you'll need the space in the footwell to rest the package(s), which will prevent anyone sitting down opposite you.

    Good luck!

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    Hi another fellow Aussie here,
    I have been buying from independence Australia for many years now they are awesome.
    The amd slip maxi is the only one from them I haven't tried yet but keen too. There is definitely a big difference between abena m3/m4 the m4 is much thicker however m3 is fine. I have found tena slip maxi to be the most comfortable best fitting and absorbant diaper for me. however everybody is different the other I would suggest is wellness brief superio with a lille maxi booster this combination is amazing. The superios I get from littles downunder.

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    Hey there ... thought i would put my 2 cents in seeing as though i have ordered plenty from independence australia.

    I have tried the AMD slip before and i wasn't that impressed to be honest. They are cloth backed nappies so that put it out of my mind when i found out about it (i thought they were plastic backed when i ordered them so i was surprised to find out they weren't). I also found that the tapes in them weren't that great so i ended up throwing out most of a pack of them because i just didn't like them at all. They are similar to the current cloth backed M4 (which i also don't like cause they seep a ton for me and i end up leaking when wearing them) but was thinner then the M4.

    I currently use either tena maxi or molicare super plus. I find that the tena is thicker then the molicares (but remember the tena are cloth backed). The molicares are good as well but they are a tad thin. One thing i definitely do to make them a little bit thicker is to add a booster pad. Independence australia have a really good booster pad made by cello that has a tick strip. Best thing is that they are only like 9 bucks for a pack of 20 of them. The seem to make the molicares much bulkier (and boost the capacity a little bit too, albeit only another 400mls). So i have been using the boost pad combo in all my nappies now that i know about them. I find that with the booster pad the molicare are a bit thicker then the tena maxi without a booster. So give that a go if you are after something that is thickish.

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    Thanks yeah ive tried Molicare Supler Plus before, they were good but not that thick. Also notice Vlesi, Lille and Euron diapers for sale, are any of these comparable to the Abena M4?

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    The amd's are great for absorbency and value but their tapes are terrible, once they are on thats where they stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronaus View Post
    Also notice Vlesi, Lille and Euron diapers for sale, are any of these comparable to the Abena M4?
    Yeah, i have tried the Vlesi and lille before. Haven't tried the eurons yet, but not sure if I'm willing to though. The vlesi are very similar to the molicares. They were plastic backed and purple. The only thing i found with the vlesi is that the way they cut the nappy is a little bit weird. They have longer wings that come down further but the tapes are in the same spot so there is a lot of wing of the nappy that just sits there. So i found that that didn't fit me very well. I think that if you wanted to try it they aren't bad otherwise but just be aware that it may be a bit of an unusual fit (or it may be completely fine)

    The lille i dont have a very good opinion of. They are cloth-backed so they started off with a bad name in my book already. I remember when they were plastic backed and they were a ton better. The cloth-backed ones leak a ton (unless they have improved this in the past) and the tapes were horrible to the point where they would be coming lose really easily (probably also the reason why they ended up leaking on me). So i haven't tried them for a while now and i don't know if they have improved any. The place where i work has a stock of the lille supremes and they look exactly the same as when i got them to try.

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    Do you think Vlesi are thicker and more bulky then molicare?

    From my understanding Abena M4 is by far most thickest/bulky diaper available in Aus stores but is not plastic backed and leaks. Would be interesting to know the thickest plastic backed ones available.

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    The Euron Form Super Plus are one of my favourite nappies in Australia. I prefer them over Abena M4. They are also hugely absorbent and the padding doesn't shift as much.

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    I'm also from melbourne, and have tried all if the above. The thickest you can get domestically Is vlesi then molicare in the plastic back. For cloth it's again vlesi then lilli. Otherwise you will have to import

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