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Thread: am I the only one to do this

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    Default am I the only one to do this

    Has anyone ever forgotten that they put a used diaper somewhere and found it later? :p

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    yes but only a few times over many years.
    Bear in mind that mine are only wet ones, the reason for this mostly was because I was in a rush to change before a friend came to visit so I would stuff the old one in a hiding place and then forgot about it untill a not so fresh smell would linger and I had to sniff it out to find the wet one again.

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    Yea... Ones (extremely close call.) My mom found a sealed bag when she was cleaning, of a dirty diaper, luckily for me it was solid brown/black (had been there for like half a year 'thought I had got rid of them all, missed one') She was like what is this? I'm like oh that's just something from *names another time she wasn't there that I helped clean basement with dad* and took it from her, and ran outside to throw away. definitely on my top closest calls. After that I kept a log of inventory.

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    I think that may have happened a time or two while I had tiny babies I was changing in the middle of the night. I doubt it though. I have always had a trash can nearby. I do not ever remember not being able to throw one out. I think I was at someone else's house that had a baby and somebody pulled one out from under the couch. I was a little freaked out by the thought of how long it might have been there, but there was no smell that I noticed. I do ocassionally have one under my bed that I took off that was not wet. Like changing out of a dry pullup into plastic pants for bed and the next morning forget I have a dry one under the bed and grab a new one.

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    Glad to hear I'm not the only one, I accidentally left a wet pull up in a hiding place, smelled horrible.

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    Not used, but I've left a cloth diaper in the dryer a few times. Once, the wife found it, but apparently didn't recognize it for what it was.

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    I change out of wet diapers in the bathroom, I've got a facecloth in there I always clean up with. Hygene down there keeps my skin healthy, can't enjoy diapers with a rash! Anyway, I always bag mine in 1gal ziplocs. I USED to place them on the lid of the toilet as I changed, and then would carry it to the trash can in the kitchen.

    But SEVERAL times I had gone into the bathroom for whatever reason and noticed I had forgotten my last change, still sitting there in its bag on the back of the toilet. OOPS! At least one of those times unexpected company had come over, thankfully briefly enough not to need to use the bathroom. OK I need to make a change.

    NOW bagged diapers go on top of the closed toilet lid, to be much more obvious so as not to be forgotten.

    Also, a couple of times I've taken off a dry diaper and tossed it on my bed, intending to dispose of it, and discovered it there hours later. "Why is there a used diaper setting on your bed?" that would be *awkward*. But thankfully I've never gotten myself busted by my poor memory.

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