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Thread: Best "pull up" style adult diaper?

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    Question Best "pull up" style adult diaper?

    Do any of you have suggestions as to the best adult diapers in a "pull up" style? I think I asked something similar on another thread, but I am curious. Also, I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere in the past. But I am new here and trying to advance my status on the site. Thanks for any replies and I look forward to chatting

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    This has been asked before, of course, but the answers are always different based on the individual needs and personal preferences of the asker. Therefore, we're going to need a lot more information about what the word "best" means to you.


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    Well, I would say one that is rather unnoticeable for daytime wear underneath regular adult male clothing. I would also like it to be comfortable for when I am out n about, walking, running, etc. Said "best" pull up would also be fairly absorbent, while having a cloth backing preferably. I know cloth is not always recommended due to leakage but the plastic is sometimes an issue during the day because it draws attention to the fact of wearing a diaper. I would more than likely want there to be elastic or something similar around the leg area so it can be more protective, as well. Option, but ideally there would be an indicator on the front...just a preference thing, I guess. Oh, and I know that not many adult diapers have color options unless they're from somewhere like a specialty site. However, if there is a brand that has different colors that would be ideal. I've always wanted some colored diapies. Hope this helps to answer my original question!

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    Hmmm. Well, you're asking for a few things that contradict one another. Thin and capacious don't coexist well, and you can't get pull-ups with a plastic shell. But you can get colors, though nothing all that colorful, depending on the size you need. If you're small enough, you might be able to get away with Goodnights or some such thing. If you're not--as I'm not--I personally like the Depend Real Fits. They don't hold lots, but they fit great and they come in both gray and blue. It's a baby blue, if that helps.

    The most absorbent pull-ups out there are the Abena Abri-Flex. They hold a lot, but they're also the thickest and will likely be pretty noticeable under snug pants.

    Okay, that's the opening volley. What am I missing?


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    It seems that a lot of people on this site are not too fond of Depends. In the past though I have not really had any issue with them. I'll consider the baby blue ones. Actually, I believe I have a sample of them on the way right now! One key thing though is the elastic material around the legs. Can you name off some that have that.

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    People "hate on" Depend because they make Toyotas and not Mercedes'. I.e., Depend is a value brand and won't hold several wettings or, in the case of their pull-ups, a flood. They serve people with lighter incontinence or those who value discretion and don't mind changing more often to get it. They serve those who have lighter needs. People here are looking for maximum absorbency and, often, maximum bulk. There are truly incontinent people who desire these things too, but don't expect them from Depend. Depend's low capacity isn't a design flaw, it's a marketing decision and it has served them very well. Toyota sells waaaay more cars than Mercedes.

    As for the elastic material around the legs, they'll all have elastic leg bands, but I'm guessing you're asking about standing leak guards. That's a higher-end feature found on only the better pull-ups from brands like Tranquility, Abena, and Medline/Molicare. In order for them to work properly, you'll have to have a pretty snug fit, so err on the small side. Unlike tabbed diapers, where you can adjust the fit, pull-ups fit they way they fit and there's nothing you can do about it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by spanko18 View Post
    It seems that a lot of people on this site are not too fond of Depends. In the past though I have not really had any issue with them.
    If you're IC but just have the occasional dribble and surprise spurts, and are just trying to prevent a wet spot on your pants, they're a good value for the money. If you're expecting high capacity, you're in the wrong market.

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