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Thread: Anyone out there good with psychology?

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    Question Anyone out there good with psychology?

    I am curious if anyone out there is knowledgeable when it comes to psychology, because I would like to chat with them and hopefully gain some insights into this ab and/or dl side of me. Why it came to be, and things like that.

    Hoping someone who can help will read this because it drives me up the wall sometimes. Thanks for any replies!

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    Hello spanko18

    I would be surprised if you get anyone to answer this professionally. It is a real stretch for someone to go this far and openly give advice without legal coverage.

    I would suggest that you ask one or two specific questions and let us give you what advice we can.

    But I would be very leery of anyone on here who says they are a professional and then do "free" counseling.

    Sorry to break the news to you, but I hope this helps.


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    I have to agree with egor. Some of us have taken psychology classes in college, but no self respecting doctor would practice on line. Many of us have a lot of experience with psychologists and psychiatrists, so I would follow egor's advise and ask your basic questions on this thread. If you liked a specific member's response, you could both go to PM to discuss in depth.

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    Well, I agree with the above two that you're not going to get anyone coming on here and shouting "oh, me, me, I know psychology!"

    As a starting point, I'd suggest taking a look at the articles hosted on this site. A lot of them have some basic info about understanding ABDL and coming to terms with yourself.

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    Going to note the following ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rules
    Nothing on ADISC should be construed as any kind of professional advice, be it medical, legal, or of any other kind. We advise people to always consult a qualified professional in the event of legal, medical, or similarly serious issues.
    If you have some general questions, by all means, start a thread, but using ADISC to find a psychologist or someone knowledgeable about psychology isn't allowed.

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