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Thread: How long have you taken part in the lifestyle, and how often?

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    Question How long have you taken part in the lifestyle, and how often?

    The title says it all. I am just curious. I am fairly new to all this and have not taken part much and also have not done so for very long. While, however, I would like to take part much more often.

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    Nine years. One of them merely as a close friend of an ABDL. Eight with actual interests and no indulgence. So far, only a couple days of indulgence. :P

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    I have technically sense my sophomore year in high school but I only started diapering about 4 years ago. It was this year that I would let my little side take over and rid myself of the fetish. I use to diaper just about every night but now its less because I find my needs sated with the simple AB outfit and my Pinkie pie in my arms.

    I am thinking about diapering more once I have a little more control over my sexual side. I feel so much more confident with who I am now than I was before I knew this website existed. My faith and my little side have come into agreement with each other. I encourage you to try ABDL without the fetish just to see how you like it. It is very difficult at times but for me it is very rewarding. I still get turned on by being in diapers but it fades fast enough to be able to enjoy the moment.

    I have not spent more than an hour regressing but I plan on arranging time for that once I move. It will be at least two weeks before I am settled in but that does not mean bed time cant involve my little side. I also plan on trying to be diapered up while I unpack. Also sense your new to your little side I really advise taking things slow. It takes time before your comfortable with this side of you. Trust me you will be Glad you did.

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    I'd say I've always had a little personality, but I only started indulging it in it's own right when I moved into my own place.

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    I became an AB 6 years ago, although technically I was a 'Teen Baby' at that point.

    I've found myself less dependent over the past month, so usually I indulge a little bit daily but recently I've only indulges once every 3 or 4 days.

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    Last august diaper lover and wear as much as possible

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    Well I was a bed wetter until the age of 10 and was in cloth diapers and plastic pants every night. At around that age I started enjoying the feeling of the diapers and plastic pants and have never stopped wearing them, I am currently 58 years old.

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    I'm personally just DL, but I knew since I was young. Some of my earliest memories are related to my fetish now as an adult (which leads me to believe that is partially how it develops; some day when I'm settled into a career, if I have an opportunity, I'd like to see a therapist about those memories and see if I can get it figured out.

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    When I was 3 I resented my mom for potty training me (no hard feelings, that's just life) and from then on had dreams of wearing. This lead to some taking of relatives diapers or pull-ups through the years, until I was fourteen and bought some cheapo dollar store pack of adult pull ups. When I got a job I switched to online purchases and my intrest hasn't changed since as far back as I can remember.
    So short answer, all my life haha.

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    I'm honestly still fairly new to this, I am a subbie, and the Dom (Daddy) I did find was more of a Daddy than a Dom, and slowly started getting me thinking about diapers. One time I tried it and I did not think it was so bad I actually enjoyed it A lot. After that Diapers became more of an every time play thing, and adding paci's and bottles and I started feeling really little especially the way he was talking to me which I thought was wonderful too. Since then I feel more like a little than a sub, with some sub tendencies.

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