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Thread: I have heard a lot about the M4?

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    Question I have heard a lot about the M4?

    It seems like a lot of people on here are very fond of the Abena M4's. I am wondering if there is/are any particular reasons why this is so? I have not had the chance of trying them out yet, and would like to know if it'd be a good idea and why?

    I appreciate all replies and will do my best to do the same.

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    I have one in my sample pack I haven't tried yet. I'll let you know!

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    Hey hey, sounds good! I appreciate it. Where is your sample pack from?

    I've seen many threads here on the site where people seem to praise the M4. I have heard it is real absorbent, but not entirely practical for day time use.

    Perhaps I will try it one day.

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    I've been looking at there for awhile now. Will have to invest sometime soon!

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    I think there are many reasons why people like the Abena M4s, but I will give my opinions as to why its my favorite diaper. First, the absorbency is terrific. They are thick dry, but not to thick that its uncomfortable to wear nor to thick that its impossible to wear clothing over it, so it can be worn at all times. Then wet they thicken up quite a bit, but the thing that I like the best about the absorbency of them is that the padding absorbs ALL the way through the diaper, so the urine will spread throughout the time of wearing it from the front to the back and this makes the diaper great at absorbency. Second, the fit. Some people don't like how they fit, but I love how they fit. I don't know how to explain it but they fit my body great; nice and snug and never leaks. Third, the tapes. You tape them on and they STAY ON, period. Finally, they are a good price for everything you get. I always recommend people try them.

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    Very informative. I like the idea of how the wetness spreads so they can be efficiently absorbent. The tape also sounds like a big plus. Thanks for your informative reply, I really do appreciate it. Maybe I will try the M4s sometime down the line... would you say I'd be better off getting the aforementioned sampler pack or is $7.50 for a 2 pair sample on Amazon a better deal? I forgot what that sample packs costs. Thanks.

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    The Xplus line pushes most of the buttons, it's easier to talk about the minuses than the pluses. They're above average price. They have a very noticeable print on them that has a bit of a medical look to it. They can be quite thick and give you a good diaper bulge front and back when dry. (the 4's in particular) The lower capacity varieties are switching to clothlike only.

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    xpmedical would be your source for those you can get a sample pack of 3 for 6 bucks that aint bad at all.
    The Abena Abri Form X -Plus M-4 is my go to 24-7 diaper along with the Dry 24-7's you will not be disappointed at all .
    I would recommend them no questions asked. Hence my handle.
    Good luck with them I await your return .

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