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Thread: How to meet a mommy/sister/care taker?

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    Question How to meet a mommy/sister/care taker?

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend some sites where a 21 yr old male can meet a mommy/sissy/care taker? I have browsed FetLife and am (obviously) a member here. Is there anywhere else you can recommend? I have also tried DiaperBook but it never lets me sign up. <sad face>


    PS - I am in USA

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    FetLife is going to be your best bet, if you are particular about wanting someone already into ABDL... Look at the groups and see if you can find a young adult/TNG kink meet for your area, and just try to get out there and know people. Honestly, it is not likely you will find a mommy or even someone who identifies as a caregiver (though it is a possibility), but you may find a babysitter/big sister sort, or another little/AB who likes to switch. It can be a lot of fun.

    DiaperMates is another site, but I don't have any experience in it... Maybe someone else will be able to chime in.

    Best wishes!

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    Hi I would just say that using a site is not going to be the best way to go about this in my experience, you might find someone who you think is perfect for you and be everything you want but due to the global nature of the internet be separated by thousands of miles and possible visa restrictions. I know people on here and other forums say they could never tell anyone about their fetish but I've told all of my significant partners about it and they have all participated to some degree so honestly find someone you love first and then open up.

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