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Thread: People's "stashes"

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    Cool People's "stashes"

    So I would like to go ahead and assume that just about all users on have what one may refer to as a "stash"--consisting of various (adult) baby-related items. Diapers, nook, onesies, so on and so forth.

    What I am posting this for is because I would like to hear more about other people's "stashes" and also share my small "stash" with ya'll!

    My stash consists of, currently, panties (if that counts-I am male), Tranquility ATN's (1x case), several assorted XL's that I managed to get from my Grandma's house after Grandpa passed and they were just sitting here...they are FitRight & 1x other brand I cannot remember, my stuffed animal that I had when I was a child, and on their way to me right now are 1x case of TENA Ultra Fitted briefs + Tranquility Day Time Pull Ups + Nice n' Clean Wipes with Aloe + numerous samples I sent for via the internet.

    I keep my stash tucked away in my room, as I live with parent still, and hide it in the back where it cannot and I hope will not be found.

    1) What do you all have in your "stashes"?
    2) Where do you keep them hidden, or where do you keep them in general if not hidden?
    3) Do you "stay organized"?
    4) Anything else you'd like to share or comment on?

    Look forward to chatting with you all.

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    1) diapers
    2) Box in the closet
    3) I don't. XD
    4) Nope.

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    Short sweet and to the point. I like it. Ha

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    I don't have many diapers because I still live with my parents. I have 8 Attends Slip regular plus, 2 Tena pants plus, nearly full pack of Girls' drynites and some baby diapers. + few panties, 2 sports bras, thights, a pacifier and baby wipes.

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    How are those Tena Plus's? They look like something I'd want to test out! And did you mean tights, or are thights different? Sorry I am not familiar with the term.

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