I am sure similar threads have been posted in the past, but I would like to start my own. Please forgive me if this seems repetitive to anyone.

I am fairly new to actually getting involved with the whole diaper thing, but I have always known I was into them and enjoyed them. Obviously it is a fantasy of mine to wear them 24/7 (typically only for #1...toilet for #2) and I am looking for some stories, tips, advice, etc. about doing so.

I know it is impractical (or very difficult, at least) in certain situations to wear diapers, but I am going to give it a shot I think. Lately I have not had many "extra" things to do so I feel this is a good point in my life to experiment with the idea. I do not foresee going 24/7 permanently right off the bat as this is something that I feel would take some real serious getting used to. But what I want to do is play around with the idea, get a feel for wearing more often, test out the concept of public wearing in different places, "mess around" [no pun intended ] with wearing a wet diaper for longer periods of time, and more!

Some questions I have off the top of my head are as follows, if anyone with experience at this could provide some insight:
1) What is the 'best' or most effective way to wear as close to always as possible?
2) Crinkling can be an issue for me around family n' friends, so is there a better type of diaper to wear so that it will remain quiet?
3) What are some recommended brands that are not so visible under clothing, especially when wet? But that also retain moisture effectively?
4) What are things to keep in mind when it comes to wipes, creams, baby powder, so on and so forth? Do people advise using all them, or what?
5) Is "stuffing" a diaper with smaller diapers a recommended idea and are there certain ways to do it "right"?
6) What is the longest one would advise being in a wet diaper? I have heard it varies from person to person and depends on certain factors like toughness of your skin and stuff. But is there a recommended "maximum" amount of time that anyone who is more experienced with doing this can estimate for me?
7) Changing in public... how do you do it and go unnoticed as close to 100% of the time as possible? How do you dispose of your diaper? And how do you carry around a "diaper bag" or other carrying mechanism without being obvious about the fact you are wearing a diapy?
8) Random, but what about chastity belts for 24/7 wear? I know this gets more into the bondage side of things but I am curious about it and may want to one day incorporate it into full-time wear in one way or another. Does anyone on here have experience with these belts and diapers being combined? Any ideas as to locking it and mailing yourself the key or putting the key in a PO Box on a Saturday then going home so that you have to wear until Monday? These sorts of things intrigue me. Any insights?
9) Eventually I foresee having to "come out" about my love of diapers to my close family. Any advice about doing this?
10) What are some other baby accessories that experienced 24/7 wearers can suggest? I have been interested in the idea of a nook but I have some jaw problems from a car accident so I don't know if that's the best idea right now? I am also curious about plastic pants, are these recommended and are they effective? Where can I get a pair for relatively inexpensive to the USA?
11) What are some methods of getting over the initial mental block(s) of wearing diapers 24/7? Such as, what are some methods for 'forcing' yourself to wear them even when you may not be quite so fond of the idea, but you know that it is what you want? If that makes sense. Like, going out to certain public places I feel that it might be a bit more of a task to convince myself to wear diapers, what are some ways to overcome this? Just do it?
12) Lastly for now, what are your ideas on night time wetting? I have not tried this yet but am intrigued by the thought of it! Do you folks wet before you lay down to go to bed, and sleep wet? Or do you go to bed dry, pee during the night, wake up wet, or what? And do you wet again upon waking up? How long do you stay in your wet diaper for after waking up in the morning? Ahh this is all so new and exciting for me LOL! Oh yeah, is it difficult to get yourself to wet in different positions vs. standing & how can you train yourself for this to not be a chore? And is it recommended to get bed pads, protectors, liners, or any of those assorted things to make your diaper less prone to leak and more absorbent or to protect your bed?

Sorry if this is too long of a thread or if I strayed from my opening idea of 24/7 and got more into wearing in general. It is all just so new to me that I am scared but fascinated by the idea! I've always been into diapers but never considered wearing for a whole day in the past, nonetheless 24/7!!

I appreciate any and all insights into this. Please, if you reply, do not feel like you have to answer every single questions I asked...but it'd be AMAZING if you would be willing to do so. I'm also more interested to hear from those who have done this before rather than someone saying "that'd be easy/hard!" or "why would you want to do that?" so that I can learn from experience. And PLEASE, if you medically need to wear diapers all day I am not looking to hear "why would you want to do that? you should appreciate your right to choose!" because I am not seeking learned-incontinence here! I am simply CHOOSING to wear full-time and get a feel for it, maybe one day transition to it more permanently.

ONE MORE THING! (hehe) ..... What is the longest anyone has done this? And did you do "extended "test-runs" prior to your longest attempt? Why did you stop if you did stop? Any difficulties involved when you went from diapy back to no diapy?

OK, I will leave it at that. Thanks and I'll cut myself off here so this doesn't become a story book. Have a nice day and I look forward to speaking with you all.