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    Default Looking for extra protection!!

    Hey I'm 30 years old and suffer from nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) ... Sometimes the diapers I wear leak at night..I have a pad I sleep on underneath but I'm looking at getting some plastic pants or like a waterproof diaper cover to protect me a little more and help when I'm not at home...any suggestions??

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    I'm IC / Bedwetting myself since 30+ years...
    But I rarely - VERY rarely experience leaks (maybe like twice a year) and usually quite minimal... - I have a modern, comfortable laminated bed-protector on the bed, that I would have there even if I'd not have the IC issues for simple hygienic reasons. It's the same stuff used by most higher-end hotels.

    May I ask what type of diapers you wear?

    I currently get by rather well with an Attends M10 Slip Regular.
    It's not the most absorbent diaper on the planet, but not bad either... they're pretty thin - which I LIKE a lot (less noticeable to myself... more comfortable).
    I also follow a rather strict routine with drinks & food stuff... no diuretics, no sugary crap like coke & co., no alcoholics (rare)... and I try to keep hydrated but not by drinking a gallon once a day, but rather small quantities in regular intervals.
    This, combined with a toilet routine during the day really limits my "output" and unsurprisingly enables me to get away with pretty thin products easily.
    Whilst this is of course more apt for minimizing the daytime issues it also works to some extend for night time wetting.
    For example.. if I'm out and have a few beers with friends (not getting drunk, just two or three beers over an evening) - I usually end up wetting A LOT more during the night... to the point where my Attends M10 Slip Regular are the wrong choice and I usually use a thicker diaper such as the TENA Slip Maxi (which is enough for the worst cases in my book).
    Same goes if I work long and break my coffee rule (I love coffee, but rarely indulge because it worsens my IC issues by a factor of 10).

    Also consider the size and type of diaper.
    I'm in a rather fit physical shape ... work out like crazy... and am comfortably wearing a Medium Size with 99% of the products.
    A diaper that is too tight usually leaks faster... if too loose, same thing.
    Also they're differently cut - so you may need to experiment a little in finding one that works best for your body.
    Then there's how to put it on... and this takes some practice too... and can make a lot of difference.

    Personally I don't like plastic pants at all... I use them rarely when staying at hotels or rarely when I (have to) use cloth of course.
    But what I do is to place a small booster pad (no waterproof backing - or cloth) inside the plastic pant (I use PUL... hate the PVC or Vinyl stuff)...
    This way if there's a leak the pad can soak it up... otherwise the plastic pants don't really do anything, because the liquid will get out if it's more than a couple of drops.

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    If you are looking for extra protection. Use a booster pad. Also try using a disposable underpad on top of a reusable one

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    I often wear a terry 2 layered pull up and rubber (latex) pants over the top, latex is cooler than pvc. I also wear the biggest rubber or sometimes pvc pants that still fit me, (I.E. the waist and leg elastics are a snug fit). My reasonong behind this is that with more room inside them the more air there is inside and I sweat less. I use Tena slip underneath it all. Yes it gets hot when it`s 30`C like last night but the bed stays dry. The terry toweling pants are large or extra large too. Bear in mind I am a medium and the Tena slips are a medium too.

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    I use the Abena X-Plus with a booster pad and plastic pants. In eight years, I have only had three serious (wet the bed or my pants) leaks...two at night and one during the day. This has been a very secure combination for me.

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    Abena Abri Form X-Plus L-4 or Dry 24-7 should be all you need you will have dry pants dry beds and be able to life your life to the fullest with these two diapers. You can get them from Gary at XPMedical he and nick are awesome and have not let me down. I love small business success stories like Gary at XP Medical. You will not regret getting these two diapers you will be very satisfied. First get a sample pack to see if you like them 6.95 for 3 of them each type so money well spent to for a trial run.

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