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    Who cares for your changes. Do you do it by ur self or does someone help you. For me it's both. Most of the time I am home there is a caregiver.

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    Default If u have a caregiver do u feel uncomfortable when the tend to your needs

    I do. I'm severly bowel and urinary ic.

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    what do you mean exactly?

    Tend your needs?

    Are you disabled and can't change your own diapers / clean yourself up?
    Or to what extent do you need help by a caregiver?
    also is that caregiver a professional nurse /etc or someone from your family?
    Also in your previous post you mentioned your long meetings at work - is that caregiver at work too or do you only need the caregiver at home?

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    I am "disabled" but not in a wheelchair. It is hard for me to change by myself. My wife and I have a nurse. Mostly for her since she is in a wheelchair. For my wife she changes her diaper and wheelchair/ bedpads. And she changes me at home. The nurse leaves our house around 8 or 9. After she leaves I take care of my wife's diapers. as much as possible. By the time she leaves my wife is in bed already. So b4 we go to sleep i check her pad and diaper and if she is soiled I change her. And then the nurse comes around 7am

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    I injured my bak and neck in a car accident. And that's y my wife is disabled

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    But you are mobile? (meaning, you can Walk, move around, dress/undress, do basic chores like washing, dishes, etc, go to work, work full or part-time)?
    (at least this is what I gather from your previous posts.

    So if that is the case why bother with a caretaker for diapering, if you can do it on your own, especially when, as you say it makes you uncomfortable.

    Based on my own experience - this is something (like washing myself, or dressing, etc..) I would do (and have done) by myself for as long as I would in some way be able to do so.

    I was in a car accident (well more the victim of some idiot behind the wheel) and got run over... took me some time to recover and the pain was bad.
    But honestly... the very moment I was out of the hospital bed I did 99% of the basic things on my own.
    Yes it was painful, yes it was sometimes more complicated than asking for help... but to me, loosing these abilities would not make me feel any better.
    So I take complications and pain ANY DAY over having to rely on someone else for these tasks.

    So honestly, if you are able to do it on your own (diapering) - even if it's sometimes difficult (as you say) - and especially when you're uncomfortable with someone else doing it... THEN WHY GO FOR IT?

    From what you write (and have written before) you seem to be able to work at a job, you act as a caretaker for your wife, when the caretaker is not around... so you must be ABLE to do this.
    So why get a caretaker to do your diaper changes...
    sorry, but makes no sense.

    I don't know what it is with your posts - but they lack some sort of sound logic to the content.
    MAybe it is due to the lack of elaboration and their short one/two-line nature giving only statements like "disabled, fully IC, need diapers... etc"...
    Maybe it is due to the controversial stuff - content wise... from work situation and handling of your "IC needs" that is simply too weird to be possible to this post and your double posting and the insistence on pads as a solution for an active person with IC (something again, outside of beds and wheelchairs, I have in 30+ years of IC including lots of support groups & co, never seen...).
    Maybe it's the total sum of those things.
    And added to this, when asked to clarify, you keep overly vague (like when I asked you what your line of work is, or if your caretaker is a professional nurse or family, or the nature of your disability (neck and back injury... it couldn't be any less specific...)).

    If you want to be fully believed, I suggest opening up and not trying just to respond with half answers.

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    Fully believed? Let's start with a quarter and go up from there.

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    My left leg is affected by the accident it is hard to stand there is a lot of pain. My bak is also in tons of pain. I took time off work. ╚ cause of the accident. The caregiver makes it a lot easier

    - - - Updated - - -

    Although it is uncomfortable for me it is nessary I have no energy to do it. It is extremely hard for my wife. From going to fully active to soiling herself without knowing it. And I sometimes do have to act as a caregiver wen I feel ok. I can't just let her lie there

    - - - Updated - - -

    I am in bed most of the day

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    Except of course for your all day long meetings at work.
    You should get this story published. I'm sure a lot of people are enjoying it.

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