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Thread: I think my dad might be a AB/DL

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    Default I think my dad might be a AB/DL

    So i have suspicions that my dad might be a AB/DL, well, there was this one time where my mom said, "and your dad dreams of seeing me in a onesie" she said with a giggle and he just nodded with a slightly flustered face. Because we are icelandic, we have words for everything, we have 2 words for what you would call a onesie, one is for onesies like you see people wear, sort of like a whole suit, and then there is another one specifically for the baby kind, the one that she used. But that is not all, i have every reason to believe that he was a bed wetter in youth, he has a very small bladder it seems, i am kind of an night owl, it is 3 AM as it is and i am always the last to fall asleep. I hear him got to the toilet at least 3 times during the night (it is a family of 5 but his footsteps are heavier and his clearing-of-throat is really distinguishable, so his small bladder must have been a problem in his youth?

    Also for my little sister, she wanted to go as a baby for... well our kind of halloween in April, she wore twintails with a pacifier around her neck and holding a baby bottle, but that is another story and an isolated incident.

    Tell me what you think, or am i just going crazy over this one?

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    Zenka. I am your father. Come to the diaper side of the force! Okay, I had to go for the Starwars stichk. I think if your dad was AB/DL, instead of getting up three times in the dark of night, he would gladly wear a diaper and have a good excuse for wearing it. I know I would, and I'm the Darth Vader of the diaper universe. He may just like his woman in a onsie and perhaps, a diaper. The universe is complex.

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    Yeah, he is indeed a strange one, he gets depressed from waffles, sleepy from chocolate, and he can't fall asleep unless he has bicycled at least 70KM. Thank you for your input, it is always appreciated

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    Personally, I don't think that's enough evidence to draw any conclusions. Even if your father was a bedwetter, that doesn't really mean anything, seeing that plenty of people have bedwetting problems growing up, yet few turn into ab/dl's.

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    I most definitely wouldn't suggest making any effort on trying to reveal it; it doesn't sound like he is.

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    You don't say how old your father is but older guys can develop prostate problems and use the bathroom several times a night. Also, if he drinks a lot before bed that would trigger some trips. As for the onesie thing, not enough evidence. Many people I know kid around with various things like spanking and paraphernalia but most probably don't do it.

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    I see that i have forgot some details, we DO NOT share the same blood, my biological father is the biggest douche this planet has ever seen, he has 5 kids with 5 different women, all threw him out before the kid turned 1 at any occasion. However, my step father (who this is for) was born 1973 and is 41 right now, being the same age as my mom.

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    it sucks my dad takes medacine that makes him somtimes piss him self and his mom baught him diapers but he refused to wear them if my dad did it i think it would make me stop

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    Hmm, well I don't know much about other languages, but it could have possibly depended on the context of the conversation? If so, it may have possibly been an inside joke. And I agree with Zipperless, older age comes with a weaker bladder. The onset of this can be very early depending on his family's genetics. Regardless, it would probably be best to not pry... If he is into it, using the conversation you've shown as evidence, it's very personal and seemed embarrassed at the mention.

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    Yeah... i guess.... i should probably just stop worrying about it, thanks guys

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