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Thread: Good diaper for my needs

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    Default Good diaper for my needs

    So, I don't post here a lot. I prefer to read posts on the Diaper Talk part of the board about once a week, because it's a nice reminder that there are other DLs out there.

    Starting in about a month, I'm going to be living in a townhouse with some friends and will effectively have my own space to hang out padded with nobody to barge in at random times. For the first time in my life I'll be able to wear whenever I want while also being able to order online without fear of nosy family members.

    So, here's my dilemma. I've sampled high-capacity diapers like the Tena Slip Maxi, the Abena M4, and Molicare Super Plus. I've tried store brand (CVS) cloth-backed and hate them, but have had a lot of sucess with Depend Protection with Tabs. The high-end diapers are great, but I'm a very light wetter and could never possibly use one of those to capacity. Hell, I've never had a leak wearing Depend plastic-baked overnight.

    I want to upgrade in absorbency however, so I'm looking for a mid-absorbency diaper that's plastic-backed, AND MUST have leak guards. I wear medium, so no worries there.

    My top two choices are the Tena Slip Basic (effectively Tena Slip Super) and Tranquility's ATN. I'd love to try the Tena Slip Basic as I loved the swelling of the Maxis when I tried them, but haven't been able to find a real review of them. If anyone has tried these, please chime in with your opinions. If you have another suggestion, also feel free to add that. Anything that's ~1 dollar a diaper and absorbs fairly well is fair game (USA available). Anything that swells a lot when wet is a huge bonus.

    Thanks, guys, you're fabulous!

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    ATNs are an awesome diaper... go to they have packs of 12 for like 7 dollars and free shipping!...

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    Tranquility ATN's are my go to lighter weight diaper. They are real comfortable, absorb a good amount more than Depends, swell up nicely and due to the SAP ratio, really feel nice when wet. I find for me, the large size works better as they seem to run smaller than the premium brands.

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    You have got to be the first to not have a leak with those inferior Depends "Max" Protection plastic backed adult diapers "fitted briefs" . Since you are 19 you have not had the ability to experience the REAL Depends that were made in the good ole US of A . The current ones are made in Mexico and are made for wall street profits only- hence the need to change so dang often. The old Green backed OVERNIGHT PROTECTION ones with the nice wide elastic front and back waist bands and the six wide excellent tapes and nice and thick they were that did a wonderful job for me when I was in High School and College. Sadly someone needed a promotion at Kimberly Clark Corporation and thought of the lame brain idea of eliminating absorbent material and calling it new and improved just to gain a better job and saving Kimberly Clark Corporation and their shareholders whom are not incontinent whatsoever ! Yes K-C your customers aint dumb!
    As far as your question not many options for a mid range left in the marketplace.
    Attends is a low to mid range and they have waist bands and leak guards on them a word of caution they have a perfume smell- yet will work for you maybe. However I would just bump it up to the Max absorbency you cannot have too much absorbency at the risk of leaks and ruined clothes and furniture and bedding . I would go with The Abena Abri Form X-plus M-4 or the Dry 24-7 they will do the job hands own. Hope this helps you out.

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    I realize I may be in the minority here, but I don't find the ATN to be all that good. They're loud. They're expensive. They clump badly. They wick VERY slowly. (flood guarantees leak) The leak guards are too close together. The tapes pop. If they were chaeper they might be a good "lounging around the house" diaper, but that's about it. I still have a handful here but I have no intention of reordering.

    Getting back to the OP, I'd recommend XP Med's Aplus diapers, but you're insisting on leak guards. If you can find some Abena Abriform M3's in plastic, I'd say go with them. They're a good quality medium absorbency nice plastic diaper that's not too expensive. There really aren't a lot of other options I'm familiar with. No leak guards, low capacity, clothlike, too thick, unnecessarily expensive, most other diapers hit one or more of those. One other to look at is Unique Wellness's "superio". It's a little more pricey, but hits all your other requirements. The shell is a bit rougher/textured plastic too if that bothers you.

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    Thanks for the recommendation of! I'd never heard of it, now I can try the ATNs for next to nothing.

    I really do know from experience that maximum absorbency diapers are wasted on me. I loved the M4 and the other top-tier diapers I tried, but just couldn't use them to even half capacity.

    I guess it seems as though nobody here has tried the Tena slip basic that XP Medical offers, which is odd, but I guess I'll just get both the ATNs and the Basics since the ATNs are so cheap!

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    you have an astonishingly similar situation to me like exactly like mine. I don't have you as a roommate do I? Joking aside I would try maybe the depends pull ups or some store brand diapers i find they usually have medium to light absorbency. If you hated the colth backed ones from CVS though I would advise caution as most of the lower absorbency diapers are going to be cloth backed.

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    I also recommend xp medicals diaper A+ level 4!!! So soft and super absorbent!! THE most comfortable diaper ever

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    I have been using TotalDry Plus Fitted Briefs from The diaper is thin and works really well for my daytime diapers. These are way better than the ATN in my opinion. The diaper does swell and has leg cuffs or leak guards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabresong View Post
    I guess it seems as though nobody here has tried the Tena slip basic that XP Medical offers, which is odd /
    I received my order of the Tena Slip Basic about a month ago. I have only tried two so far but I can state that they are exactly like the Tena Slip Super in every way except they are entirely blank (no logos on tapes or backing). They do have a wetness indicator and some very discreet digital ink print along side of it.

    The fit and performance are also identical to the Plus version which means they fit naturally and hold more than they look like they would. They also have that silky soft plastic backing and smooth plastic landing zone that makes Tena so desirable.

    The cool thing about the blank version is that you can use permanent markers to make your own designs on them

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