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Thread: Trying again (properly)

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    Talking Trying again (properly)

    Ok on advice of my little friend and cub, I decided to make a new introduction so I may be properly represented. Thanks Statik!!

    I'm big on exploring new and highly fascinating ways that people share interests. I love to learn, if that isn't obvious. Right now, I'm currently in college for an AS in Nutrition and Food, hoping to graduate next spring and move on to a BS in the same major. I work(right now) as a life guard for a water park and I like all the friends I was able to make. Plus talking to people all the time was a great bonus, especially at the top of a ride where people want you to count down to race so much fun!

    I'm here because I don't know much about this new wide world opened up to me, but I know that forums are great places to learn obscure knowledge. Ive read things that i already didn't expect, namely that I'm not alone in this genuine interest of adult babies and mothering them. And that means everything, from bottles to binkies to blankies to cuddle time and changing those diapers. I am even considering ANR.

    Let's see, interests and hobbies. ok, this is gonna be a bit long but bear with me. I write poetry, short stories, draw, paint, throw pottery, horseback ride(when I can), love cooking, and baking(all those sweet treats). Try to attempt making something new at least once a month. I play sports as often as possible, anything from baseball to softball, volley ball, bowling(once played fourteen games in just under two hours, by myself). I can be limited on those sports depending on how my body reacts(unfortunate well endowment above the belly button. nice to see, but not fun or easy to have.) I also enjoy beach trips, and camping, outdoor cookouts, and just hanging around the house, enjoying family banter and jokes. Strong desire to ditch SoCal but can't really afford to do that so making light if it while I plan. Not a huge socialite but I can talk to anybody for any reason, go figure right? Now, for the reason I'm here. I'll start with my mommy side. Lately I've been feeling strange urges to mother someone/something. Those cuddle hormones, desire to make rules to help someone do better and be better for it, care for someone as if they were my own little baby. A bit strange for someone so young, but biology is great right? I've always been a caring person, making sure people who slip, but are obviously not hurt, are ok before going about my way, asking if something is wrong when someone looks upset. People often tell me that they have a desire to tell me whats wrong because I put off the aura that I'll listen and genuinely care. And I know what its like to not have someone to talk to, even about the little stuff, so if I can make someone's day better by talking with them, then there is no reason I shouldn't.

    And I want to contribute a special part of this intro to thank the person who introduced me to this site and to the world I'm now exploring, Statik. I met Statik after I put an ad on CL saying I was looking for someone to play Mommy with me every once in a while. He was one of 63 responses but something about him likened him to me. So we emailed for a bit and he asked questions and I asked some things, and we just sort of clicked. We chat on FB every day and as more time passes, I grow more and more mommy with him. Doing so has helped me get through the second toughest thing of my life. I had a tonsillectomy recently and whenever I talk to my little cub, I don't feel almost any pain. It's driving him a little crazy that we haven't met in person, though we both really do want to. He wants to wait until I get my voice back so we can actually talk with each other, and once he gets used to working again after getting his leg all better. He gave me leave to talk about how well we are getting along so I wouldn't get into any trouble mentioning him and hoped it would inspire someone else not to give up hope. I also discovered my furry while talking with him. I'm a Clouded Leopard mommy(if you haven't seen one, google it, you won't be disappointed). I think I'm rambling now, so I'll wrap it up.

    I'm here for support, to read the forums and gain knowledge where my personal experience is limited, and to meet new friends that I can converse with in these, and more, topics. My family would look at me a bit funny if I started talking about this stuff and would probe into whether I was pregnant(not the first time, but the fewer the better). I hope this wasn't too long or in depth, but Thank you for reading all the way through. I look forward to meeting y'all soon(when I can send messages and stuff, that is) So awesome to have found this!!

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    Geez, what can I say to that? I knew you were working on a improved intro but dang. I'm trying so hard not to cuss here since I know you're eyeballing that "Cuss Chart" we setup together. One of the many reasons I know in my heart we need each other. We complete each other and that's more important than anything when it comes to building a dynamic in your relationship to each other.

    Well first off I'll start off with welcoming you here. Welcome to ADISC. You should find yourself right at home here. When I first joined back in 2009 this place welcomed me with open arms, of all varieties even be it human or furry. Though I haven't been active much lately this place still has special meaning to me and I hope they know that. This is why I pointed you in the direction of here because I know it's hard being so new to this. Your head is full of feelings, emotions, and god knows what else. You have questions that need answers. Hopefully you're starting to find what you've been looking for all this time.

    From what I can tell I think you'll fit in just fine. I know I've personally quite enjoyed what you have to offer. You're right, I'm dying to meet you but I really think the first meet should be a special time. I want you in better health and hearing your voice for the first time in it's true form is important to me. Just be lucky you actually have a cub who understands the concept of patience! I know, right? We should be extinct or something you would think!

    I don't want to take over your intro but it's really hard to not go into a ramble over someone who makes me think of them constantly. I'm so glad I found you on CL after searching for as long as I have and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us together. <3

    p.s. You have no idea how hard it is not to call you mommy! *grrrrs, snarls, n' stuffs* Soon.

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    Welcome! I am new here but I hope to get to know you, as well as others, in the future!

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    I'm VERY ecSTATIK (yeah yeah I went there) to finally meet you this Friday and spend some real quality time together. Is it Friday yet? ;D

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