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Thread: Diapers And having Children

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    Default Diapers And having Children

    I have thought about this and I have decided to share I did not want to at first because I thought it sounded weird but I WANT KIDES my mom wants me to have kids No one but me knows about my DL side but me but when I have kids do you think it would be weird to were them when they are growing up is that acceptable or should I give it up for my children or would that be a bonding point for me and my son if I have a boy I don't know I need some help with this one Please help thanks

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    I have to kids and I plan on keep wearing them as they grow. My son knows I wear them but it doesn't seem to affect him because he is still potty trained and he still loves me. It's probably normal for him to have a mom in diapers. But I wondered at the back of my head if me wearing them delayed his training but he didn't like being wet or messy and would always take his diaper off. Plus he thinks it's all gross to see it and when he sees the mess his baby sister made in her diaper. But one thing to watch out for is they might tell other people, especially in front of you, you wear them. Kids very young don't know it's private.

    "Diapers are for babies."
    "No they're not, mommy wears them."
    *Thinks he means for when I get my period* when a grown up overhears.

    I don't think you will be able to convince your kids diapers are for babies unless you kept it well hidden from them. But if you wear 24/7, that will be hard to impossible. I don't see how 24/7 people keep it well hidden. I have heard it being done but I don't know how it works.

    If your kids grow up with you wearing them, they will find it normal and it won't feel weird at all.

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    I'm a DL and a dad. It works. I don't wear around the kids at all, but then I've never much wanted to. Diaper-wearing has always been an intensely private thing for me. And, as a sexual thing (for most DLs--myself included), I definitely would NOT look on diapers as anything to bond with one's kids over. That would be, at least from my perspective, very inappropriate. Even if you only wear "for comfort," consider the mixed message you are then sending when potty-training time arrives.

    Of course, there is some allowance here for those who wear for need, but that's a very different message.

    Also, consider that there is no such thing as a secret to a young child. Secrets are currency to young kids--the more bizarre, the more valuable, no matter who the subject is. It might seem innocent enough having your own toddler tell people that you also wear diapers, but when they get a little older, I think you'd be wishing they didn't know. Again, especially if it's a fetish thing. Kids don't need to know what gets daddy going--in that way. There is a measure of childhood innocence that we, as parents, are responsible for defending.

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    As a parent, I have never shared with my son that I sometimes wear. As Cottentail stated, for me as well, it really is a private thing and more sexual as a DL. I would never want my son to know. It is true too that kids will use this info as a means to get one over on you as nothing is private to family and friends. So i would not view this as a bonding thing. It can confuse a child when as they develop and go through potty training. Clearly if it was for a medical reason, then it would be completely different. But even then, I would likely hide it until the kid was potty trained and old enough to understand medically why you need this.

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    I would say that you have no need to give something private and personal up for your children, but also agree with the other people posting in that you probably have no good reason to let your children know.

    You shouldn't be ashamed of liking diapers, but that doesn't mean you should let everyone know about it. Keep indulging when you have free time and feel like it, but don't involve nonconsenting people (especially children) in kink.

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    Thanks for all the responses i do not have children but when i do i will wear but i did not mean i was going to openley wear in front of my children i am past the point of it being a bonding exeperince i have but i will try to ease up on it so it dint effect him

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    We (my wife and I) have three kids, and when they were young and living at home, I was very careful about wearing. I had my stuff well hidden, and only wore when I had the house to myself. I had Fridays off, so the kids were in school and my wife at work. I stayed home and cleaned the house, all while diapered. Yahoo!

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    its not really a sexual thing with me i have learned that its a comfert thing with me i wore them my whole life so i guess they just grew on me damm small bladder

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    You should probably keep your children and your fetish entirely separate.

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