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Thread: Malaysia MH17

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    Default Malaysia MH17

    R.I.P. Malaysian flight 17 with 298 on board. I hate war.
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    yeah, what's up with Malaysian Air? Its starting to look like somebody's picking on them.

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    I think Malaysian had 3 Incidents since 2014. 3/7/14 MH370 disappears, 4/15/14 MH551 emergency Landing by main generator failed. Now MH17 shot down. Idk whats going on with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    yeah, what's up with Malaysian Air? Its starting to look like somebody's picking on them.
    I find it hard to feel sorry for MA with this one. It's not like they didn't know that planes were getting shot down over this area, and the FAA sent a memo to all US carriers (MA included) warning them to avoid the area for this exact reason.

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    It shows how stupid the Russians are. An airliner is as obvious as a nudist at a Victorian wedding.

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    I'm starting to think the Malaysian airlines are cursed or something, and as for rationale, horrible coincidences. Kind of insane how one of the passangers, before boarding, took a picture of the plane and posted "If the plane goes missing, here's a picture of it". Or something similar to that. One thing here may be for sure, no one might want to fly Malaysia airlines anymore.

    I could only imagine that the pro-Russia ruffians in Ukraine are the only ones who could stand to benefit. Think about it, they've invaded Ukraine bases, they had access to military-grade weapons. It may be that they took some weapons with them to their occupied territory. They're probably hoping to make make the pro-Ukrainian rebels look really bad. Their line of thinking may very well be that: "If it was Ukrainian tech, Ukrainian rebels are to blame".

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    Quote Originally Posted by GolfCub View Post
    It shows how stupid the Russians are. An airliner is as obvious as a nudist at a Victorian wedding.
    It wasn't the Russians. The most likely culprit were separatists, albeit pro russian ones. I was listening to the radio this morning, and they were saying that the missile system can differentiate between civilian and military targets. However, the separatists aren't trained how to use the systems, so....

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    They could've easily have raided Ukrainian Caches of Weapons, stolen a couple hundred Man Portable AA Missiles and simply became Scared at the Prospect of a plane flying over. Frankly, I can't blame Ukranians for being afraid of their own Government provided They have been seen flying sorties against Civilians for the last few months.

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    I think there defiantly is something suspicious happening. As mentioned above there already being 2 other now this making three, issues this year and I wonder if some of these things were avoidable. If like AEsahaettr, said that these airlines are being told to avoid the area which it went to because of the issues in Russia and potential of getting shot down, then why would it fly that route? Same with the missing airline, no one will ever know what really happened with it. At least with the generator one, I don't believe anyone died. If another situation happens where there is another landing with no deaths, and then another deadly case with MA then you know something is fishy.

    RIP another tragic event.

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