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Thread: Hello from Singapore

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    Default Hello from Singapore

    I'm a Diaper Lover and I prefer baby diapers as they are colourful and cute. I do wear Adult diapers from time to time.
    I am a shy person so I don't really like to share much. Hope you all can understand

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    Welcome grithead3! We welcome you with open arms. There are a lot of us here who are shy but eventually open up, even if it's just a little. Is there anything you would like to share with us about your non-DL side? I'm an avid reader, for example.

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    Firstly, hello! Welcome to ADISC

    Secondly, I second zipperless! I guess you might have been unsure about even joining... you've taken that step to join our community, so just keep the ball rolling
    Of course, completely understand if you're not ready to share any more with us - but please do stick around and contribute to threads as you please - there's no right or wrong answers, and we don't bite (well... most of us anyway!)

    Happy posting,


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