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    How many people sit or lay on underpads almost all day because of ic

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    I just do it for fun. I own 3. One in vehicle, one in bed and one in work chair. I work at home in my bedroom/office btw.

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    Disposable or reusable do u mind sharing pictures

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    James, after looking at your other thread, I'm convinced that you don't trust the diapers that you purchase. I fully understand your confidence and don't want to ruin furniture.

    If you're short on cash, I'd recommend cloth diapers for home use.

    There's also other diapers out there that supply adequate protection that can help you gain more confidence without having that constant worry of leakage.

    Tranquility isn't that great of a diaper compared to others. While tranquility may be less expensive than some premium brands, they actually save you money when you can go through less per day. There's also a cost per ounce statistic you can look at.

    XP Medical actually has a chart with numerous brands of diapers that shows you the advantages of premium diapers vs others.

    XP Medical provides sample packs for purchase as well.

    A far as underpads go, they don't absorb much at all. Wal-Mart sells reusable underpads in the incontinence section and can help you to ace money over time as well.

    If you have any questions please ask away.

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    Thnk u for responding. I don't use cloth for reasons. I don't like cloth. It's a hassle. There is no one to clean but my wife's caregiver. Who also cares for my incontinence. She is in a wheelchair. She doesn't like catheters so she is in diapers and uses underpads. She has a caregiver who is a good person. We both disposables including diapers and underpads. And thank u for noticing we use underpads a lot. And I don't mind. I take around 3 to work. And if I leak I throw them away. At home we use a big underpad for the bed which the caregiver changes everyday. And I sleep with that. My wife puts another underpad above it because when the carer transfers her into her chair using a hoyer lift the pad porects the chair.

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    Disposable or reusable do you mind sharing pictures

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    You should try using Dry 24/7. You can find these at as well as They absorb a lot and will only need up to 3 per day. These will practically eliminate the need for underpads. These diapers are considerably more expensive than Tranquility. 72 diapers for $116.00. These can absorb multiple wettings. They do feel a bit stiff when dry. They conceal urine odor really well. They have leak guards, waist bands, plastic backing, and it's pretty soft on the inside. These can absorb 90 oz. Compared to the 20oz compared to Tranquility. sells diapers that are premium as well. They have pain white ones as well as other top of the line bands. The bianco diaper is a great plain white diaper that has probably the best taping system, the inside of these diapers are the softest that you can find. These can absorb about 50-60oz Their Belssimo diaper is a high capacity diaper like the Dry 24/7 with all the bells and whistles. These have about the same 90 oz capacity.

    Abena is another brand that is good as well. Not quite as absorbent and doesn't have all the features as the previous brands. They are still great quality. The downside is that these tend to fall apart in the padding and can become a little uncomfortable. You can find these on both, and These can absorb about 50-60 oz.

    Most other brands you will find in stores or cheap choices on the internet are terrible.

    If you'd like more protection you can get a pair of plastic pants to ease your mind from leaks.

    There's some plastic pants made from PUL that are soft, quiet, and more breathable.

    These premium diapers will eliminate your need for underpads. As long as you change at a schedule. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, once before bed will be all that you will need. You're money savings over time will be noticeable. Tranquility costs about 3.3 per ounce. Dry 24/7 costs 1.7 per ounce.

    These reusable underpads work great and are inexpensive. If used with the premium diapers and plastic pants. You will most likely not need to change it every night. Just wash as often as you wash your sheets.

    I hope these products can help you out.

    If you would like to try these, offers sample packs to purchase. Dry 24/7 runs big in size. You should try the samples first so you can see what fits you and your wife. You can also sample other brands to see what you like. The owner of XP Medical is incontinent himself and they provide some of the best customer service you will find anywhere.
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    The green picture at Walmart looks like my first pad. I made the other two out of flannel backed vinyl and a baby receiving blanket. I use cloth at bed and hardly ever leak. My daytime work protection sometimes gets full since my schedule is different every day and I try to use less layers when I am up. I wear 3 cloth to bed and 2 cloth to work.

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    I don't have time to change I have meetings I use atn all the time

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    Do u guys know a lot of websites with live chats

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    Fascinating can u plzz share pictures idk wat u mean

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