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Thread: I almost got caught today

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    Default I almost got caught today

    So i was talking with my parents and they said they were going to clean my mattress with a special device my uncle was going to clean, but the problem is, i kept my stash in a hole in the mattress which they would surely find, they would most likely stick a finger or a hand in said hole, thus finding my stash. They said they were going to clean it but i said i would do it.

    I managed to clean out my stash from my mattress (well, 6 girl's drynites aren't much of a stash but hey, it is something) and i put it in a cardboard box i had to throw out and then took those to a special blue bin we use for paper, they were starting to get a little bit suspicious but i managed to hide it, i triple checked the mattress for anything i had missed and am positive i didn't miss anything.

    I have never been so nervous before in my life, i am just glad though that i managed to hide it better (in the bin) before they found out

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    I hate close calls. I've had family unexpectedly show up and I've had to hide things. I've not heard of a machine that cleans mattresses. I keep a mattress protector on ours so one would only have to wash the protector, not clean the mattress.

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    nono, what i meant is, my room smells all of the time and they think that cleaning the mattress would help (i have never wet the bed), my uncle runs this cleaning supply company, i had never heard of it before then either. But yeah, they are coming at 9 AM and i am no an early bird by a long shot. for example it was 3 AM when i wrote this message

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I've not heard of a machine that cleans mattresses.
    Probably just a slightly specialized upholstery cleaner.

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    I've used those before I got the mattress protector.....sigh.

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    Whatever you do never hide anything in that mattress again for at least 2 months. Chances are if your parents got suspicious they will wait till your comfortable then put your stash in there and then search the room when you are gone. This could be months from now but it can happen. That was the only way I almost got caught. The reason why I did not get caught by my parents was because I just happened to not have any diapers at the time when they found my false bottom in my dresser. Sorry to say this but this might be the only way to keep this a secret from them. At least you can hide this from them still and start working on new ways to hide your stash without them even knowing about it. Sorry if this bothers you I just don't want to see anyone get hurt if I can help it that's all.

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    Well they took a video of the whole process, my room is really extremely tiny so i can maybe post it here, i have i think 1 false cover i think, i can maybe post at least a screenshot of the video here as a photo of my room, to give you guys more ideas on how to help me hide it, also, chances are that i will be alone for a week, my parents are going camping and they really want me to go with... but having no money for myself, food would be a real problem for that week so they are thinking about it

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    It's always a nerve-wracking experience when you fear someone else may know or may find out about this kind of thing.

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    Well the cleaner was some kind of Dutch-made bug cleaning device according to my mom, and it sounds like my step dad is going to drop the video project because he has enough with work and is doing it Pro-bono, he was thinking about charging him for the video, but then my uncle could charge them for the machine...

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    That is so nerve-wracking. I know I'm scared to leave my depends in the drawer in case someone went through them to look for something when I'm not home. I had a close call that made me hurry and use up what I had and I haven't bought anymore since. Too nervous. Glad you didn't get caught

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