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Thread: walgreens certainty diaper help plzzzz help

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    Default walgreens certainty diaper help plzzzz help

    Hi I'm ic and. I was wondering how many wettings a certainty diaper can hold can hold.

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    Those things don't hold very much. While they aren't the worst, I wouldn't expect much out of them. I wouldn't expect much from anything bought from a store. They are made for cost vs profit margins while they boast discretion.

    Usually they can hold about one wetting from me. I feel that I still can't trust it.

    You'll be better off shopping online.

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    They aren't the worst but I wouldn't trust them beyond one wetting.

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    Hi I have to get them temporarily. I ran out of tranquility which I use all day. I also use disposible underpads at home work and in the car so I think I can use them

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    They could be good for daytime, nighttime well be a while different monster. You should double up. You can also get some Tena Overnight pads for help.

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    How far does the plastic go up ur stomach

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    It's cloth backed. They go all the way up. They aren't in the wings though.

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    Tapes are also very very weak. They stick okay but not great. They are refastenable but they tear very easily.

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    There's no leak guards. Just leg gatherers. The crotch is a decent width. I just wouldn't trust a surprise flood.

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    I mean r the diapers short or long

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