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    Has anyone here before got a bf/gf or friend into wearing diapers or being an AB and now they are hooked? I had a friend from high school that I told about this fetish and she enjoys the idea of regressing and loves her bottle and binky. The other friend she thought it was weird at first but being the submissive type she is the more I talked about it abd told her more the more she got hooked on it. Now she is more AB than me. If you have if love to hear the story. You can post it here or message me with it too.

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    i convinced my friend to start wearing diapers for convenience sometimes, so wear in front of him alot ive even messed before with him

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    Not me.

    I'll add that I don't know if the word "conversion" really applies here. For most of us, the desires are not a matter of choice, and the practice reflects that. Obviously, some of us will be fortunate enough to find non-ABDL friends and partners who are inspired to try diapers and whatnot--which is awesome!--but does that make these people ABDLs? In some rare instances and by some very particular definitions, perhaps. Most of the time, probably not.

    Not that I think ABDL is some exclusive club that we should be screening candidates for. I just don't think that, particularly in the case of the common paraphilic aspects, ABDL is something a person decides to be.

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    I convinced at least two of my friends to wear diapers for convenience, there are many more i convinced to try but these two stand out in the sense that they use it really often and without me asking them to

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    My friend converted me, actually. She introduced me to infantilism as one of her interests, and about a year and a half later I started getting these same ideas.

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    I've offered a friend diapers before during an all nighter, he politely declined though.

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    Yes, when I was really young I had a next-door neighbor, and she was about 2 years older than me. We would talk to each other through our backyard fences all the time, and also walked to school together. I brought up the idea of wearing a diaper to her one day and she seemed really fascinated by it. She asked me to get her one (my mom owned a home daycare and there were truckloads of diapers in my house), so I went and got her a pull-up, and diapered myself too so she'd feel more comfortable about it. So she snapped it out of my hand as I passed it her way over the fence, and came back into her backyard after a couple minutes, wearing just a long t-shirt and the pull-up underneath

    She liked it and decided she'd wear it overnight. The next morning she came out and told me how she loved it, even though her mom nearly caught her when she came to kiss her goodnight. After we talked a bit she said she had to go to the bathroom really fast, but I stopped her and well - y'know .. made a simple suggestion
    So she loaded it up and enjoyed the warm feeling, right there in front of me without a second thought -- I was like "dayuuum!" in my head because I expected that to take some convincing. Then after a few minutes she slid it right off (again right in front of me without warning) and my jaw dropped lol. After that she'd asked for a couple more here and there, but was really worried about being caught. If there wasn't such a fear of that, I think she would've become a DL lifer, but it was great sharing the experience with someone. Beyond that I haven't come very close to completely converting someone.

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