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    This thread is dedicated for pets. Here, tell what kind of dog, cat, fish, racoon, or unicorn you have. And if you don't have one, tell what you would like, or make one up!

    I'll start. I have a dog, Hank, a gold and white terrier-mutt mix. He's 7. I have another dog, Heidi, a purebred White German Shepherd (although we don't have papers, nor do we need them.) She's about a year and a half old.

    Then I have a cat, Michael (Crazy Mike) and another cat Lucy (Boots). Michael is nuts, hence the nickname Crazy Mike, and Lucy has white feet, which look like boots. Mike and Lucy are both black cats, kinda mid-length hair. I don't know what specific kind though.

    Tell about your animals here!

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    1, 13 year old male cat, pusskin.

    tabby and white semi longed haired. tabby on back,tail,some of it's legs.
    white on underneath, some of it's face, some of it's legs.

    hes my bby!!!

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    We have a golden retriever, Maggie. She's a lover and not a fighter. For Christmas, she gave me her plushie, Moose. Moose now sleeps with me under the covers. Thank you Maggie. Maggie is 8 years old, and I hope she will live as long as me, but that won't happen, and she will break my heart one day.

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    I have 2 kitties

    BabyGirl : a small 3 year old calico , shes sweet but moody like most cats and ...
    Litte Bit : a rather big 6 month old he's part siamese, part grey tabby . most loving cat ever .

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    Some of my current and past pet picture are in the gallery...but right now I have a 13 year old orange tabby name Pumpkin and a 2 year old black and white long hair tabby name Oreo.

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    I have a 16 year old Beagle/Bassett Hound mix that I want to die. She's old, she's slowing down because of arthritis, blind, deaf, and is covered in tumors. She had a stroke a couple years ago but snapped back, now she's just old and demanding. I'm pretty sure she has some form of canine diabetes because she is CONSTANTLY drinking entire bowls of water. I love her, but she needs to die already.

    When/if I get money and a place of my own I would either want a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or an English Sheepdog. I'm not much of a cat person but I have a soft spot for Russian Blues.

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    Don't have any pets now, but I'll tell you what we've had over my lifetime.

    Pet Shop pets:

    Dog, cat, parakeets, hamsters, mice, red eared slider turtles, goldfish, fresh water tropical fish, lizards, hermit crabs

    Non-Pet Shop pets: Box turtles, pond turtle, Crawlfish, wood lizards

    The non-pet shop pets were from years ago. I wouldn't try to keep any wild creatures as pets now. Even the pet shop-type pets like the red eared slider turtles belong in the wild IMO. They might not even be sold anymore.


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    I have a dog and a cychlid (fish) tank. One of the pairs of fish is a breeding pair, so we have had LOTS of baby fish. We usually take them to the pet store and give them away when they are big enough.

    We tried to adopt a cat recently. She was a stray we got at our vet. She had a great loving and playful personality (or would that be "catality), but she just wouldn't be consistent about the litterbox. We even had her checked for health problems ($$) and had begun the process to get her ready to import to Norway when we move (also $$ for chipping and shots.) We finally decided we had to take her back because she was peeing on the carpet in several places.

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    He's not with us anymore but my favorite was a big maine cooncat who weighed 23lbs and was the most loving kitty ever. He used to wash my hair

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    i have two cats one is evil the other is just retarded (no joke all of my family thinks it is) and i have a very old dog

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