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Thread: single tab diapers europe

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    Default single tab diapers europe

    any know any wear where you can get single tab diapers like the abu cushies in europe

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    I think cuddlz has an all over print diaper with single tabs

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    Attends Slip Active - also available in Boots under their 'Staydry' label (look for the "equivalent to Attends Slip Active Medium Level 8").

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    Cuddlz All-Over Printed are what you're looking for. They're a pink and blue theme with single tabs, and they're manufactured on the same machine as ABU diapers.

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    boots have two tabs not one. iv tried them and their no good

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyT View Post
    boots have two tabs not one. iv tried them and their no good
    No, they have both kinds: the 'Staydry briefs one-size' are single tab each side and are actually Attends Slip Active as Overnight correctly says above. But they also sell 'Staydry Slips' and these are indeed 2 tapes each side.

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    iv bought them befor and they have 4 tabs 2 on each side on the M/L and XL. i wouldent buy then again as they leak. they are not a diaper like abu cushies. what i want is one that is similar to abu

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    Cuddlz can be shipped to the United States but it costs almost as much as the order in shipping. Hope you've got a good job. If only someone over here would stock them

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    Where can you order the cuddlz at what website

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