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Thread: Last thing you had to eat/drink

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    Default Last thing you had to eat/drink

    Post here the last thing you had to eat and/or drink.

    Last thing I had to eat was pasta (bow tie pasta) and the last thing I had to drink was water.

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    Brownie Flavored Protein Bar

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    My usual drink of ginger ale and cranberry juice, followed by a couple of cookies. I'm a cookie monster unfortunately.

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    Last thing I had to eat - A full pack of triple chocolate cookies (And yes, I now feel sick!)

    Last thing I had to drink - Tea

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    I won't lie.....caramel swirl icecream. Yummmmm then water. No more eating today. Bedtime.

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    A cold beer and a piece of dark chocolate.

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    A couple Maltesers along with a Millionaire Bite, and I've just had my drink of apple juice before brushing my teeth.

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